Dorico not remembering last position in score

I’ve been finding for a while that projects don’t reopen at the position I left them at when closing the project or quitting Dorico.

I can replicate it on any existing project or a new project:

1). Create a new score (e.g. any orchestra template)
2). Then add 100 bars (or a large enough number of bars to require scrolling to get to the end of the score)
3). Scroll along to the end and input some notes
4). Save and close the project

On reopening the project, the window opens at the very start of the score.

I also noticed if you save and then quit Dorico, the project opens centred at the mid point of the score when reopened!

Dorico used to remember the exact place I’d got to in the score, which was useful as it helped to remind me where to continue working from. The problem happens in both galley view and page view. I think this start happening since 4.0.30 or .31.

I’m running macOS 11.6.5 on a 27” 5K iMac (2019).

We are aware of this problem, which only seems to affect some computers. The issue appears to be related to the precise timing of the final setup of the project window, which can result in the instruction to scroll to the saved offset to fail. It’s on our backlog of issues to address as soon as we can.

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