Dorico not remembering last position in score

I’ve been finding for a while that projects don’t reopen at the position I left them at when closing the project or quitting Dorico.

I can replicate it on any existing project or a new project:

1). Create a new score (e.g. any orchestra template)
2). Then add 100 bars (or a large enough number of bars to require scrolling to get to the end of the score)
3). Scroll along to the end and input some notes
4). Save and close the project

On reopening the project, the window opens at the very start of the score.

I also noticed if you save and then quit Dorico, the project opens centred at the mid point of the score when reopened!

Dorico used to remember the exact place I’d got to in the score, which was useful as it helped to remind me where to continue working from. The problem happens in both galley view and page view. I think this start happening since 4.0.30 or .31.

I’m running macOS 11.6.5 on a 27” 5K iMac (2019).


We are aware of this problem, which only seems to affect some computers. The issue appears to be related to the precise timing of the final setup of the project window, which can result in the instruction to scroll to the saved offset to fail. It’s on our backlog of issues to address as soon as we can.


Possibly a new small clue to this. I find in 4.2 (on a 2018 MacBook Pro, Mojave) when I …

  • open a score last saved viewing the last page, with Properties showing
  • wait for the ‘power’ button to highlight, showing playback is ready
  • and hide the lower zone with ⌘8 …

… instantly the score is scrolled to where I left off.

It seems that any other action makes Dorico fail to scroll.

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Do you have one of the “fit…” zoom levels chosen? If so, it is often the case that changes to the viewport geometry, such as opening or closing one of the panels, will cause the page to move.

Nope, zoomed to 150%.

If you can reproduce this at will, please provide a project that demonstrates it.

Just to clarify, this is the desired behavior I’m reproducing, rather than a bug.

This file has one note in, on page 11. It was scrolled to there when I last saved. The playback template is set to Silence to reduce file size. (Waiting for playback-enable doesn’t seem to matter, so I guess that was a red herring.)

When I first saved this file I had zoomed the window to full size (not full screen) with Window > Zoom – and in that state ⌘8 did nothing: Dorico stayed on the first page. I then reduced the size of the window a bit from the left and resaved. Now for me it reopens with a default window shape (less than maximum on all 4 sides) and the trick works:

When I reopen this file, I see the first page. When I hit ⌘8 (not doing anything else), I see the last page.

Remember Scroll Position.dorico (421.4 KB)

@Mark_Johnson Unfortunately, Mark, the trick doesn’t work for me. (I had high hopes that it would, because I experience this problem all the time.) If I scroll a score to the end, save it with the bottom panel open, close the file, re-open it, and close the bottom panel with ⌘8, the score just sits there at the very beginning of the first flow. This only happens on my Mid-2010 Mac Pro; my 2022 M1 Pro Macbook Pro always opens a score exactly where I left it when I last saved it, so I think Daniel is right that there’s some sort of timing issue at play here.

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I too have the latest M1 Macbook Pro (16’), but Dorico always open a score at the beginning, never where I left it…

Yeah, that’s odd. I just tried it on my 2022 MBP and it’s not working. I’m pretty sure it was working before – perhaps it was an earlier version of Dorico – but it’s not working now. I hope this can be addressed soon, since it’s very inconvenient with a score that has many flows.

The way I work around this is, I save my position in Project Info. I use the Lyricist field as I don’t do vocal music. I add the Instrument, Flow number and Bar Number into that field. Then when I open the Project, my last position is right there Top/Left. I can just put the Flow Number and Bar Number into the Jump Bar.

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I’d like to see a fix here too

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I’ve gotten used to this problem so much that it seems like it’s normal and there’s no point in asking.

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Just to say this problem finally seems to have gone away for me now. There was no improvement when updating to Dorico Pro 5, but after updating to macOS Sonoma a few weeks later, scores are opening at the same place I left them!

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