Drag Midi note end and have it snap to Grid


I just came across a weird behavior in the key editor that was clearly not before.

Trying to move a midi note’s end while in normal Grid Type, behaves as if I have Grid relative on instead. I cannot shift the end to lock to grid like before.

Has anyone experienced this issue? or is there a new setting in CB 9.5.10 that I’m not aware of that someone else might know about?

Thanks in advance!


The length is quantised (when you are moving the right corner), not the end, right? It’s the same in Cubase 9.0.20, same as Cubase 8.0.40 here. So I wouldn’t consider this as a bug.

Hi Martin,

Yes, and that’s the problem. The midi note end is quantized to the start position of the note, as if relative grid is selected. Please see examples below.

Basically, when I have Grid selected, only the Start(left corner) is quantized when dragging and the end(right corner) does not, but acts as if I have relative grid selected.

I do not remember this happening prior to 9.5.10.

I can reproduce the very same behavior in Cubase 8.0.40. The right side (end) behaves as a Grid relative, even if Grid is selected. Doesn’t matter what Snap Type is selected. The Snap Type seems to work for the Note start only.

If it’s a bug, then it’s an old one.

Yeah, seems to be an old bug for sure. Thanks for the help!!


I had a look to this issue once again and now I understand it. In Cubase you don’t quantise the Note End, but the Note Length in fact. Right-click to the task bar of Key Editor. Here you can show Length Quantize. By default the settings of Length Quantize is Quantize Link. But if you change it, you can see, the Length is quantised while changing the note end position.

From this experiment it’s clear, what’s behind when you change the note end. So now it makes sense and the behaviour is expected.

Hi Martin,

I’m very aware on how the Quantize Length/ends function works, I use it quite often and have it set to Quantize Link by default.

I believe that what happened in my case was that when I upgraded to CB 9 it somehow glitched out and I was able to click on the midi note end, drag and it would snap to the grid lines without having to use the Quantize Ends functions. Hope that makes sense.

Whether this was a bug or by design, I think it would be nice to be able to just click a note’s end, drag and have it snap to the grid lines.

Thanks again, you rock!!

+1 absolutely!

+1 for sure. And I’ll move this to Feature requests, where where this seems to belong.

I have been tearing whats left of my hair out on this one. I believe that when it is set to “snap to grid”, everything you snap should snap to grid and when it is set to “snap to relative grid” everything should snap to relative grid. I cant think of a situation where I would want it any other way…

Please fix this bug or design oddity or whatever it is…



This is driving me crazy… Please change this…




Totally agree. It’s inconsistent and confusing the way it is right now.


Many little workflow things like this that add up in a major way.