[DUPE]desabling tracks - loss of midi connections

Tried this with several projects now, and i find it strange that it seems this hasn’t been reported yet.

1: situation: template building, instrument tracks with midi inserts (beatdesigner) and midi keyboard connected

2: procedure

  • open an instrument track

  • attach a beatdesigner to the instrument track

  • the connection with the midi keyboard midi-out also has status “connected”

  • disable the instrument track

  • then save the project (as template or project, doesn’'t matter)

  • close cubase completely

  • open cubase

  • open the saved project

  • enable the instrument track

3: result

  • the connection with the midi keyboard has now status “not connected”
  • the midi-insert efx module is “on”, but the midi efx has not been loaded

It looks like the midi-connection information is not written with the project is the tracks are disabled. Other information like direct out or efx modules in the mixer are remembered though.

I hope this can be fixed since this is non optimal workflow when you have to reconnect the midi-divices every time.

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Hi Roel,
You are definitely not alone with this.
Expression Maps (and apparently also Quick Controls) are lost as well.
I hope Steinberg will acknowledge this bug and fix it as soon as possible.

Check out this topics:




I too would like to be able to save the midi connection with my disabled tracks.

I have a large template where I disable most of the tracks in order to save CPU and memory, but everytime I enable a track I have to manually set the input routing to “All MIDI inputs” because when disabling a track Cubase sets it to “Not connected”. I mostly use “All MIDI inputs”, so it would also be an improvement if the input routing of the just enabled track is automaticaly set to “All MIDI inputs” instead of just “Not connected”.

Hey maximux,

I see steve has given you a 7357 bon. I hope we get this one trough too.
I also encountered the following:


Do you have that problem too ?

Any help on the new workflow is appreciated, since this was or is the way to go i think with the new workflow, but this is not quite stable as it seems…

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Darn… this has not been fixed yet, even though it looks like a small fix. Just tested. I really look forward to disable and enable tracks a lot without having to changed the midi input to fra “not connected” to “all midi inputs” every time I enable a track.

I dont think we can explain it better than we already have in this thread, so we just have to accept all the mouse clicking. perhaps there is a keyboard shortcut og serie of keyboard strokes that can do it? havent tried yet.

When enabling tracks with vst32bit instruments in cubase 8 64 bit Cubase often crashes, but I solved that by purchasing Vienna Ensemble Pro instead and now hosting my vst32bit plugins there instead.

To Roel : About your other tread and question : I have no experience with rendering in cubase at all.

THe issue is even not on the repair list for the moment since it has no official issue number.
I agree completely that this new feature of enabling/disabling, which was highly promoted and is in fact something that can really enhance the workflow, should be taken in to account to be improved. But it seems it is related to what is saved in to the CPR, and for guys like us with very large templates this is an issue for SB-devs it seems to be adressed, i.e. incorporating track information of disabled instrument tracks in the CPR.

Technically it is just remembering things when saving for tracks that have a disabled status. It is not a real bug, and in fact some information is saved, but there is a huge gap between what should be saved, and what is.
So it looks like they made some things ready to be remembered, but they are facing trouble in incorporating the entire thing in the saved file. Just hope and pray (i guess) that they will pick this up. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile… ok, it works, but it also means doing a lot of unnecessary clicks.
Meanwhile, thanx for adressing this issue too!

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The thead at http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=230&t=71825
is about the same issue as this thread. And that one has [BON-7379]. Does that mean that it is now on the repair list?
I am sure that it will be fixed, so I am going to expand me template more and more :slight_smile:
Best regards

in my opinion, and knowing “deutsche grundlichkeit”, having a ticket is the same as we are going to fix it.
so cross our fingers and wait. :slight_smile:

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Hello all,

Thank you for the report as you already notice this is a duplicated thread.
The problem has already been reported and it is on our collected issues forum: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=230&t=71825

I have commented on the issue, for the moment it is out of scope I will try to get a reply from a developer about this.

Best regards,