Edit Instrument Names dialog changes ignored after update


After having applied the Dorico V5.1.30.2109 (March 2024) update to Dorico Elements 5, any change entered using the “Edit Instrument Names dialog” (for example, changing the full name in the text editing area) of Setup mode is now ignored. Am I the only one to whom this happens? Or has the editing procedure suddenly changed?


Where are you expecting to see changes? Are you renaming instruments that are set to show player names, instead of instrument names, in staff labels, perhaps? Or looking at the layout name shown at the top left in the part?

Setup mode → Player, layout, and instrument names → Changing instrument names → Edit Instrument Names dialog



Works as expected for me, at least in terms of the staff label on staves showing the full instrument name in staff labels.

Again, where are you expecting to see “Classical Guitar” appearing, after changing the instrument name – in staff labels? at the top left of p1 in the part?

Works for me too.

Before the update I used Edit Instrument Names dialog to change the “cymbal” to “Piatti Cymbal” in one piece

and changed the trombones to indicate Vienna VSL Hercules-Brass samples in another:
Screenshot 2024-04-09 121031

And now this type of editing no longer works!

Can you please share a project file where you’ve changed the guitar instrument name to “Classical Guitar”, clicked OK to confirm the dialog, but the staff label is still showing “Guitar”?

Tks - but not enabled


I’m seeing the same problem since the 5.1.30 update. Edit instrument names in the Players window in Setup mode seems to ignore whatever you type. Layout does not have “set to show player names” in my case either. Nothing locked in Engrave mode as far as I can see. I’m pretty sure I’ve had no problems with this in the past.

Which version of Dorico are you using, and what Operating System and version is your computer running?

Dorico V5.1.30.2109 (March 2024) update to Dorico
Windows 11

Here is the project
Editing Names in staff label.dorico (474.9 KB)
Something else has changed: all those locks now appearing in the menus (see attached) instead of the older menus tailor-made for Elements and Pro. With such massive changes (supposed to simplify maintenance), it is easy to miss a flag somewhre and disable a running function at the last moment…

Fiouuuu. So I’m not alone. :blush:

Changing the instrument name to “Classical Guitar”, then clicking OK to confirm the dialog and save the change, works for me in your project on both macOS and Windows.

Can you confirm that you are definitely clicking OK to close the dialog, which saves and applies your changes? Just to eliminate an obvious possibility.

I think there is a problem here when using Dorico Elements specifically: Renaming of instruments is ignored. Bug? (Dorico Elements - #4 by dspreadbury

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Yes, I confirm pressing “OK” and the change is not taking place.

The problem looks very much like the one reported by Martin_Be and mentioned by Richard_Lanyon April 10 “Renaming of instruments is ignored. Bug? (Dorico Elements - #4 by dspreadbury” (Renaming of instruments is ignored. Bug? (Dorico Elements

Also, I can confirm that the workaround suggested in the above post also works for me - I just tried it.

Since you don’t have that problem using your program which is at the same update level as mine, I would suspect the update package by which the Steinberg Download Assistant has updated my version.

Hence, is there a way for me, as a user, to completely remove my Dorico program (without loosing license etc.) and re-install it directly at version (rather than successively upgrading or updating it up to that level - e.g. do like a new user and download from the shop store)?

I guess Lillie might well have been running Dorico Pro when she was testing this rather than Dorico Elements. I’m afraid the problem will definitely affect Dorico Elements, and you won’t gain anything by reinstalling. We will fix this problem as soon as possible, and I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you Daniel,
Until then, I will use the workaround mentioned earlier. It solves my problem. Just let me thank everybody for their help and suggestions. The Dorico forum is a great family!

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