Editing automation points - Move Vertically

What setting do I have to change in order to use the “Move Vertically” feature when editing Automation Lane data in the same manner as it appears in the Controller Lanes in the Key Editor?

Current behavior of Automation Lanes:
Automation Lane

Desired behavior of MIDI CC lanes in the Key Editor:
CC Lane

Note that mouse cursor tool-tip labels the functions the same.
I would prefer that this feature did not create unwanted automation points.


To do this, change the value in the Info Line.

It works like this by design.

I am willing to challenge you on that. Is this difference in behavior documented anywhere? Has any Steinberg representative come out and said that this is exactly how they intended it to work? Two seemingly identical operations yield two different results.

If indeed you are correct, that Steinberg wanted this operation to behave differently depending on what lane you edit, what is the argument for it? What is the benefit of the two operations resulting in different results?


I can’t find this explanation in the manual at this moment, sorry.

I know it’s specified like this from the internal specification documents. Also it has been reported many times here on the forum already, please search the forum.

I have searched the forums.
Thing is, there’s never been a proper explanation as to why these, seemingly identical operations, give different results. I am also raising the question again because I don’t think anyone prefer these to be different. There are also further evidence that this tool is not functioning properly in the Automation Lanes based on other of these “quick tools” that do not function as advertised.

Here’s what the user manual says about this function:

And here:


The reason, why is it like this is, both use cases are totally valid. Sometimes the users want one behaviour, sometimes the other one. It very often depends, if you are Cubase or Nuendo user (because then the use cases are different).

To cover both options, sometime responsible for this feature decided to implement it this way.

Once you learn it (same as you have to learn lots of other features; and this one is not difficult to learn), you can use it for both use cases, as you wish.

Maybe, but having a function named the same, visually looking the same, but producing two different results is hard to justify.

Learn what? To use the Info Lane? That’s been my go-to way of editing multiple MIDI CC values since Pro24 (I think). I would also like to use the newer features, as the one we are discussing, but only if it works as advertised. Something I believe it does not. Not according to the manual and not according to common sense.
Pulling the old “different users have different needs”-card doesn’t really work in this case.

PS. Also see this issue I posted just now which showcase another flaw with Move Vertically in the Automation Lanes.

I am with you on this - the last thing we need is additional automation points.

I think if you grab the point, rather than the line, things are a little better. But I have actually given up editing automation this way because of this silly problem.


Thank you for adding your voice.

Yes, you’re right. That is another way of reaching the same result just as @Martin.Jirsak posted above using the Info Line.

When I wrote this I used the Move Vertically as an example. I realize now it was not the best example because you can achieve the same result by other means. A better example would be one of the other tools, such as Tilt Left/Right for example.

None of the tools in this area seem to function intuitively (or as they do in the MIDI Key editor).
All of the tools/operations listed in this chapter adds automation points:

Their counterparts in the MIDI Key Editor does not.