elastique Pro, what the h***??

I’m having disk overload problems playing a song from my internal harddrive, but not from a USB external harddrive…
It’s the exact same files!
I have a i7, 16gb ram Acer computer and a Prism Orpheus interface.

But if I disable the tracks who are elastique Pro, the internal HDD plays just fine…

What’s up, Cubase 6.0.5??

To make it even more confusing:
I exported the elastique Pro files, and imported them back into the project, and now it’s fine…
But why does is it all work fine playing from an external HDD???
I’ve tried different tweaking on my internal HDD, but I don’t think it’s that…

If someone can figure this one out, I will walk backwards the 800 km from Oslo to Steinbergs headquarters…

Maybe a case of very bad fragmentation on your internal?

Thanks for chiming in, Split.
The internals are brand new. The computer is 4 days old.
Can that still be the case?

Probably not!

Laptop? Maybe a 5400 speed drive getting choked.
If the computer is new and all the software recently installed then try a defrag. As maintenance with apps like Cubase I would ideally defrag after any new program installation.
If your new apps, especially Cubase & any other large music / library files have been installed and even after maybe the vendor did that for you then, if the defrag program hasn’t kicked in for it’s usually weekly job, you will probably need a defrag.
May not be the solution but from here it’s the most likely. And simple.

There’s a known bug with elastique and auto crossfades, that causes disk glithces, maybe it is related?

“Christian Fremerey » 21 Feb 2011 16:15
Thank you very much for finding this isse and for providing a reproduction and example project.
I just investigated the issue and found that it had to do with a problem that occurs when using the elastique algorithm in combination with auto-crossfades. We will test a fix and can hopefully include it in the next maintenance update.
In the meantime, as a workaround, you could either deactivate auto-crossfades, or you could move the problematic audio events to separate tracks, such that no auto-crossfade is applied.
Best regards,

And without using auto-crossfades but with fade-ins/outs on the tracks?

Thanks guys!
I’m pretty sure it’s the elastique/crossfade issue Sonik is talking about.
And it’s on random files…
I hope Steinberg will fix that in the next update.

Ahhh man…
I guess it’s not the elastique Pro/Crossfade thing either…
As soon as I play any project from my external USB hdd, it all works fine.

I did as Conman said, I defragged the internal hdd’s , but it didn’t work.
It’s a brand new desktop, so the specs is more than good enough.
I’ve tried the “customizing your daw for audio” tweaks, but that didn’t help either.

So to sum it up:
I play a project from my internal hdd’s, and the diskmeter in Cubase goes crazy, and I get dropouts.
I play excactly the same project from my USB external hdd, and it works just fine.
Now here’s the thing, if I export the audio files (in Cubase ) into a new folder, and play them, it’s all fine.

So it seems like my new hdd’s doesn’t like the wave files from my old computer…( it’s recorded in Cubase 6.0.5)
Cause when I record new stuff to my internal hdd, there’s not a problem.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Is your old computer still up and running? If so, just for grins, what if you first bounce down (in the old computer) a wave file that is having trouble making it across, then bring it over to the new one? Making sure it is the same 44.1 or 96 KHz, etc.

Nope, it’s sold…

Could it be some kind of error in the connection between the internal hdd’s and the computer?
Or is there any tweaking that could be done?

Will the same wave files that don’t work in Cubase play in another program - iTunes or something? Just trying to exclude a problem with the .wav files themselves before moving on to the computer …

Yup, they work in mediaplayer and Wavelab…
Thanks for the interest, Alexis.

You say newly recorded Cubase audio plays back fine, but not the audio recorded in Cubase you brought over from the old computer. Are they in the same folder in the hard drive? What happens if you drag some “old” audio, and it’s project, into the same folder that a “new” project and it’s audio are?

What file type are they on disk? WAV? AIF? Are they identical in size/date/time stamp?
There was a problem a while back with time stretching AIFs but once they got converted to WAV the problem went away…

I had exactly the same issue, also on a new PC, with broadcast Wav files imported from SX. However, when I saved the files using back up project, and re-opened it from there everything was fine. I have no idea why this should be so, but it has to be worth a try.

I’m out of town just now, but will check this tonight!
Thanks for the tip, I will report back :wink:

Nope, that didn’t work either… :cry:
There is two things that work:

  1. Move the project to an external hdd
  2. Export the audio files through audio mixdown function.

Man, I’m confused… :confused: :confused:

Well, after trying a trillion things, I’m pretty sure it’s not Steinbergs fault.
My new harddrives just doesn’t like some projects.

I’m going to have to learn to live with it, I guess :wink:

Thanks for the help everybody.