For Dorico 3.5 and earlier users: Planned end of eLicenser support

If you are still running Dorico 3.5 or earlier, please be advised that Steinberg has announced the end of support for the eLicenser system that these versions of Dorico rely upon. After March 2025, it will no longer be possible to activate, re-activate, update or upgrade any product that has an eLicenser-based license.

Although existing eLicenser licenses will continue to work after end of support, you will no longer be able to activate a new USB-eLicenser, move licenses between computers, or purchase an update to a version of Dorico that uses the successor Steinberg Licensing system.

We strongly recommend that users currently running Dorico 3.5 or earlier consider updating to the current version of Dorico (at the time of writing, Dorico 5).

For more information, please see here:


I hope everyone gets to see this before finding out the hard way that they can’t reactivate their license, and neither can they update it. Hopefully there is an email mailout about this as well for all the customers who don’t frequent these forums.
Steinberg has records of all the licenses so it’s perplexing they would choose to disallow an upgrade without the eLicenser system present. I guess we will see what happens.

I believe we have already sent one email to everybody whose account is set to allow us to email them, and I’m sure we will send further notifications by email (as well as using social media, banners on the web site, etc.) to try to ensure that as many people as possible are aware of the eLicenser end of service.

Does this mean a portable install will now be possible?

A portable install is a bit tricky, because of where the license has to be read from. I’m not aware of any concrete plans in this direction, but I’ll ask the licensing team if there is any possibility of this in the works.

If you’re talking about your existing Dorico 3.5 license, a soft elicenser activation can be moved to a USB eLicenser for portability.