Enter Project Cursor Position bug in Key Editor

Hi. In cubase 10, “Enter Project Cursor Position” command has changed it’s functionality in the Key Editor. In a way that now is inconsistent with how it functions in the Project window. It’s causing a giant headache for me, and many other users who use this function assigned to a command key to navigate. In 9.5 and before, when in Key Editor. The function mirrored that in the Project window. Which is after hitting return, the cursor position is executed. And you can hit spacebar (play). BUT in cubase 10. When in key editor. Hitting return only executes the cursor move, but it does not close the window. Which means you can Not hit spacebar to play. You have to Hit return twice. To free your keyboard space bar and resume work. Can this please be fixed ASAP? I’ve spoken with several composers who are having serious workflow issues due to this. Please help! Thank you.


This is an known issue. Anytime the own “Enter Project Cursor Position” dialog appears, you have to press Enter twice to confirm and close it.

It has been reported already.

I posted a workaround here, please try;