Eucon-Avid S1&Dock Controllers and Hidden Tracks

I am on cubase 11 and use 2x Avid s1 and An Avid Dock and ipad. Unfortunately still there is this issue with hidden tracks.

Avid clearly says (just some minutes ago the developer of the software wrote me and said he will try again to contact steinberg about this) this is on/about Steinberg.

It’s almost or over a decade your customers are complaining about this. Even though i am a 15 years and really happy cubase user/steinberg customer this is really disappointing! Isn’t it time you guys be clear to your customers about this, and fix it! Thx


As you say, this has been an issue ever since Steinberg added Eucon support and yes, it’s very annoying and makes Eucon basically almost unusable.

There are many threads on the old forum about this but hopefully SB have got he message…they have promised some improvement to the implementation in N11 early next year, these will almost certainly be ported across to cubase.


they haven’t actually said that the hidden track issue will be fixed - they just mentioned some vague ‘improvements’

fingers crossed


thx for the info, yes i was also artist mix owner and i am aware this issue got posted many many times. i gave up on artist mix controllers just cause of this. but in that time seriously considered also switching to protools just cause of this!!! (you hear this Steinberg!)

Now with the new eucon and layouts it’s somehow manageable but still makes us loose a lot, really A LOT of time to make layouts for each project. Unfortunately templates etc is not a solution.

we just have to wait and see - I think SB have got the message - but they have had the message for many years and they are still playing bug-tennis with AVID.

I don’t think they see this as a priority - but then SBs priorities have always been a bit of a mystery ($$$!)

Guess I’m confused. What’s the hidden track issue? I have an S1 and it’s only showing the tracks I have activated.

hide a track in cubase…and it is still visible on s1. this is smth ongoing for a decade. you must be misunderstanding the topic/issue.

well i think we again don’t have any luck. they dropped the latest nuendo update and nothing done about eucon!

Finally, it is there!!! :))))))

YES, this is a huge improvement after years of frustration.
BUT I won’t give up to push Steinberg fixing all remaining bugs!

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plugin and eq bypass button “IN” on control app is not working either. Developer from Avid confirmed this also and he wrote this is on Steinberg. Hope this gets fixed with the next update.

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He guys (and gals). I see this post and celebration that tracks are staying hidden in EUCON properly? It’s still not working for me. I’ve unchecked the “show hidden tracks in” boxes. i’ve also set my EUCON settings in cubase to “mirror mix console channel visibility”. I’m on cubase 12 as well as the latest EUCON (for mac). Still showing hidden channels! Is this a Cubase thing still?

I’m on 12 here, and I have 2 S1 + dock and Hidden tracks are hidden on the S1s.
I know it doesn’t help you, but just to let you know that cubase is working. Maybe it’s some settings or preference settings. I don’t know…

Im on latest Cubase 12 (Mac OS) and Eucon as of August 2022. I cannot get hidden tracks to hide on my S1 / dock combo. In Cubase Eucon settings I have mirror mix console selected. In Eucon settings I have the removed the ticks from ‘show hidden tracks’ in banking, layouts and spills. No matter what I do my S1 still shows all tracks. Please can someone explain what I’m doing wrong??
Many thanks

I actually figured this out…you have to have the Cubase mixer window open at the same time. Which is fine I guess but a bit annoying (normally I rely on not needing it open - I have a control surface after all)

you can have the option “sync mix and arranger track view.” on. Than you don’t need to open the mix3 window.

But i think it is still inconvenient and mixer and arrangement view should have separate comments for track view options and should not share the same command. It just makes things complicated without any logical reason behind.

Thanks, I’ll try that option out. I’m 6 months into Cubase after years of Ableton. Cubase is very powerful but wow, so many options!

can anyone help , I am Trying to get my 3x S1 to only show what’s in the main mixer , so lets say I what to see only Strings , I show just the string in the Arrange window , the main mower follows but I still we the other hidden track on my S1s ?