EWQLSO Expression maps and Playback template

Hi all,

I wanted to share my Dorico expression maps for the Eastwest Symphonic Orchestra library! Basically, this is just an adapted version of the available Cubase EM, I re-routed some articulations, and added the missing “natural” playing technique. I also have a playback template for EWQLSO and HSO, here is the link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArdVYNsBPAX8gp1AIXsfJuvkiMeeWw?e=U8H9me

Probably not perfect, since this is my first attempt, so please don’t hesitate to tell me what could be improved! It could provide a decent “out of the box” playback to EWQLSO users.

Have a nice day, and enjoy creating music!
EWQLSO-Expression Maps.zip (1.96 KB)


Thank you!

Great news!
However it seems that your playback template file can’t be found… Would it be possible to upload it again?

Just click on the link

Hello again (ou re-bonjour :slight_smile:),

Problem was coming from my OneDrive account that needs to be unlocked (it can take 24 hours): when it happens, you cannot download anything.
Disconnecting from my account and clicking on your link showed me the right file and the download was done successfully!


thank you so much, can you teach me how to make playback template for my EWQL Hollywood Orchestra?

Thanks for sharing

Thank you for the link Lohengrin but this now only seems to download a zip file for the EW Solo violin(?) Could you please put your other maps up?

Bonjour Gil!
Glad it worked!
Have a nice day

Hello Odod!
Thanks for your message. I’m really not an expert (and I don’t own the Hollywood Orchestra), but there are many (many) forums, videos (even by the great Dorico team at Steinberg), and facebook groups that will help you with it! Plus, I think the Expression Maps for the Hollywood orchestra already exist…
Anyways, maybe the EM for the EWQLSO work for the Hollywood Orchestra, with a bit of luck, the Keyswitches might be the same!
Have a nice day!

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Hello Adamjeanes! I re-checked my file, it should normally be the whole stuff… But here is another link anyway:


It will work for 30 days! There’s everything I got for my dorico libraries

Hope it’ll work this time!

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Many thanks! That’s brilliant.

As a new Dorico and old EWQLSO user it looks great! Just a question, where I copy those files? Many thanks

Hi there - I have installed these fine. But it isn’t obvious how to apply them to a note. For example - take ‘Cluster&Air’ from the 18 Violins EM - how do I make a note use this playing technique? What Playing Technique command is this technique mapped to? thanks - Andrew

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I downloaded the map, but only the violin solo shows up?
Would be nice to have these!
Best R

I have the same question :wink:

Here are my Expression maps and a playback template using note performer as a fill in which can be removed quite easily. My template doesn’t include multis and the expression maps only include the techniques that can actually be played by Dorico. They use Opus so they don’t take up much memory if you use Opus correctly. I’m not actually sure that you need the expression maps if you have the template because they should be included in the endpoint files in the template. I’m a bit new to all of this. I’ve just tried the template and it works.
EWQLSO.zip (1.7 MB)


Any update for templates for EWSOL, HO OPUS or BBCSO with DORICO 4?

Any existing playback templates you have will continue to work just fine in Dorico 4.

This was a post in relation to a template for EWLSO whch Carl_Hinde had made.I am not too sure at all how to remove the NotePerformer part of this template leaving only a template for EWQLSO
Is it as simple as just deleting the NP element of the template name If not what else could be involved