Feature request: Additional vertical space

Typically in an orchestral score, there is additional vertical space above the string section. Sometimes this is to allow for rehearsal letters, tempo alterations, etc., but often it just exists to make it easier for the conductor to look down and instantly recognize Vln I. Layout Options/Vertical Spacing allows for a lot of settings, but unless I’m mistaken there’s no way to always create additional vertical space above/below certain staves in the score.

Finale’s solution is the “Add vertical space” button in the Setup Wizard. I’m not sure that’s really the best solution, but it does give the desired result.

If there was some way to tell Dorico to always attempt to add additional space above/below a certain staff for the entirety of the score, that would be very useful for fine-tuning score layout. If there’s an easy way to achieve this now that I’ve overlooked, please let me know, otherwise thanks for considering!

Did you check Layout Options–Vertical Spacing–Ideal Gaps–Staff group to staff group?

The problem is that this doesn’t provide you with selective space just between two specific instrument groups. I agree there’s a need for something like this, but perhaps it could be done in concert with whatever items are responsible for you wanting the extra space in the first place, e.g. bar numbers, tempos or rehearsal marks, etc.

+1 for this feature.

Also, I found that if I set a larger number for extra space between groups, this does not apply if the staff (staves) are not bracketed. For example, I am working on a small orchestra score with Timpani (no percussion) just above the strings, and I am forced to use a bracket even though I would prefer not to.

I did put the Timpani in a separate group, to no avail.

At least for me, it’s purely a visual thing, not necessarily to allow for additional entered items. The additional white space clearly sets the string section apart from the other instruments and makes it easy to locate at a glance. I often do something similar in a big band too, and add a bit more space above the top rhythm section instrument. Even though woodwinds, trumpets, and trombones are distinct instrument groups, when taken as a whole a little bit of white space serves to separate the “winds” from the rhythm.

I’m not really sure the best way to implement this, but it definitely would be great if there was some way to add additional space between certain staves in an entire score at once.

Looking at the online Boosey perusal scores, on the main page under “New Scores,” of the first 5 listed, I think 4 of them add additional space above the strings, so it is very common to see in orchestral scores. Some, like the Vaughan Williams, have an enormous amount. (I think that one might just be essentially removing a manuscript staff above the string staff, but it is a huge amount. That one might be Ken Williams’s copy work too.)

+1 for this feature

+1 for the ability to adjust the space between two system manully for a whole flow.