Feature Request: SAMPLER

It’s amazing with the money that is worth not having a soft sampler blessed, today brings any pileup of crap 1. Groove Agent One NOT A SAMPLER! I guess I’m not the only one that this happens. Use mac and there is no market that is free to download, I want my software to pay with my pocket HAVE A SAMPLER, to see if we work fast Steinberg for this that can not be. :bulb:


Sigh! Steinberg fiddles another customer out of their pocket money. Disgraceful!
Everything should be free. Like, everyone’s got a car and they’re free, right?

What? Like, you bought Cubase without lookin yeah?



Absolutely, who would have thought that with all the dough was not going to bring out a simple sampler? … but this world is so …

ShortCircuit is ONLY FOR PC´s , no MACs!!!

What? Like, you bought Cubase without lookin yeah?


So just run Windows on yer Mac.


VM Fusion
Boot Camp (Already on yer Mac)

All three allow you to run Windows on a Mac.
Give it a shot.


Just go buy Kontakt. What you’re looking for is library selection, not a sampler per se.

Kontakt is that. A ton of choices. Everything else is limited.

If you can sacrifice choice and are willing to work with soundfonts and old giga files, you can get linux sampler free (runs on PC and mac too).

ok fizbin, but there´s no option to drag/drop regions (wav) to Kontakt sampler…
(very bad, indeed)

NI Battery ?

German music mazin “beat” released a free good featured sf2/sfz sampler for PC and Mac

If you don’t speak German (who doesn’t?) here is the direct link to the mac version:

And here is a demo bank:

And here another one:

As mentioned in the German thread, Short Circuit actually DOES support drag and drop of regions from the Cubase timeline - very useful, but I don’t think it’s even documented. I just tried, and it worked like a charm.

Seriously? Open the mapping editor, drag your wav’s in. If the root note is in the file name it will auto map it for you. If not, it will still spread them across the keys, best guess.

There’s nothing that touches Kontakt for non-proprietary libraries. Not even a close second.

@fizbin: are you shure?
drag/drop regions/wav from Cubase Arrange/Pool/MediaBay to Kontakt´s sample editor window (?)
is that really possible? I don´t thing so? (Unfortunately I’m not in the studio to test it)

Drag and drop from my hard drive through explorer. Don’t use media bay or drop stuff from Cubase.

When Kontakt is in standalone you can drop stuff from explorer, if instantiated in Cubase, you have to drop stuff from the Kontakt explorer, at least for me perhaps because I have to run Cubase as administrator due to JBridge.

You could try browsing in the Kontakt explorer to the audio folder of your project and certainly dragging from there. Probably not as convenient as you want, but that’s sure to work.

I’m mostly interested in it as a sample player. It speaks for itself there.

yes, I know… :wink:

But I personally need drag/drop cutted regions from Cubase arrange (pool/mediaBay) to Kontakt (!)

+1 Why you cannot drag from the mediabay or pool to Kontakt or any 3rd party plug-in is ridiculous really.