Welcome to the world of Live Performance – Welcome to VST Live

Can you route any track to any output?

Can you make playlists??

I want to view some tutorials about this!!

Great job Steinberg!

Looks great!

Yes, yes, and tutorials in the making :slight_smile:


Wow,cool!!! Thanks!!!

Another cuestion,can you use 3d party instruments,plugins,etc??

… yes, VST Live supports 3rd party instruments and effects.


What does “Cubase import” actually mean?

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In Cubase File/Export you will find “Export to VST Live”. You create a list of tracks to export.
The counterpart in VST Live is “File/Import Media Project”, where you can decide to create Parts off the Cubase Arranger Track (if any), create a new project, or import into current Song (TRACKS).


I went straight out and bought it!

I too would love some kind of demo files or project files. And some YouTube demos perhaps?

Can I send MIDI change commands to my synth at the start of the Song or the start of a Part?

Yes, each Part.

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Does VST Live allow for multiple songs of tracks? How is this accomplished? Are they contained in the set list item?

Does it allow for tempo changes, gradual or jumped, within the track?

Does it output midi clock and external midi?

What do you mean? The Setlist contains multiple Songs, each of which can have multiple Tracks. Each Song has its own track view and track list.

Not yet, but planned soon.

Same, not yet but MTC, Midi Clock, and even LTC output will be available soon.

Any chance to get a version to test VST Live for a few days?

A trial will be available in august :slight_smile:

How does VST Live compare to Ableton Live 11 for actual live performance. Additionally, how does it compare as far as CPU usage? (PC Windows 10)

CPU usage is primarily down to CPU usage of plugins.

Is there really no Ableton link in VST Live???
Or did I miss that in the feature list?

… no. Could you please add your request in that thread here.

I got so excited by the teaser videos that I bought the PRO version straight away. There’s a lot of potential in this tool but I feel at the moment it’s just that, “Potential”. The documentation is awful and needs updating. The lack of tutorials is an issue although I am sure in time they will start appearing on Youtube. The best looking one is in German and not great if you dont speak German ! I was really excited about the DMX support but still feel its better to just drive everything from a CUBASE 12 midi track. Cant for the life of me, see how this can be done directly from VST Live with a QTX DM-X12. Give this product time and I am sure the clunkiness and manuals will be sorted. I hope !

… you would connect your QTX device to an DMX interface. The interface is connected to VST Live as an Input for a DMX Track. Then you could monitor your device or record your events.

See you

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