Feature Requests

… that sounds correct. Let’s start the Transport from Bar 1. Now :

  • Channel_1 (red) will receive a value of 255

The transport continues to Bar 2 and

  • Channel_2 (green) will receive a value of 255

I guess you have a LED-Light running with Channel 1 (red), Channel 2 (green) and Channel 3 (blue). In that case your LED-Lght turn into yellow (red=255, green=255 and blue=0). The transport continues to Bar 3 and

  • Channel_3 (blue) will receive a value of 255

Your light turns into white. (rgb=255|255|255). No?

… it does. If you jump from 1.2 to 3.1 it sends the values 255 for Channel 1, 2 and 3. And your Light turns to white.

What am I missing here?

All your other points? Yeah, those requests are all on our list. We try our best to get it done in time.


PS : Maybe you are creating a new entry in the forum about our conversation?Because this one here should only be for feature requests. Thank you.

I have a request regarding the display of the transpose input which unfortunately in live use is difficult for me to display as the character is too small. Could you always put it in the foreground and decide the zoom character?
Additionally, you could add the transpose and octave reset to 0 in the shortcuts actions
zoom 2

… a Focus Control should help here. It should be possible to show various Text-Objects as widgets. And there you could configure the Font-Size. Give us a bit.


Thanks… good to know that it can be done, but I don’t have the slightest idea how to do it, where can I find information on how to make various Text-Objects widgets in focus control? Is there a guide?

Hi Spork, do you have any news?

Instead of adding new features can we please get the existing features working reliably?

… it needs to be implemented. That will need time.


Ok thanks

Has this been implemented?

Yes only in v2 with flexloop you can select switch part next half 1 2 4 bars or end of loop

Okay thanks!

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I don’t know if this has been requested before (I didn’t find any posts on this topic), but it would be a real game changer for me: VST Live should display latencies in the project!

  • Firstly, showing the full roundtrip latency of my audio/hardware setup next to the buffer size settings (like it is in Cubase) would help a lot :slight_smile:
  • Secondly, in the stacks tab, a Plugin Latency Display would be very nice (analog to the Plugin Latency Display in the Cubase Mixing Console)

Other than that, I’m very happy with VSTLive!

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Any possibilty on this.
And having a way of chenging the clour of selected lines in the lyric window. This is in addition to the global active lyric colour. This way performers will have their own color coding.

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FLEXLOOP-REPEAT “1” would be nice.
To let a song play its parts in a row and have the possibility to jump to the “Last Part” (e.g. as a final chord) with playing the part to their loop-endpoints, it would be nice to have the repeat-rate “1” .
Right now each part has to run at least 2 times (or I have to switch on “next part”…not useful while your e.g. making an announcement)
I just want to shorten a song spontaniously by midi-controller and switch to the last part.
(Thanx for fixing that bug in 2.0.24!)

Hi Musicullum,
is there any update or timeline since when the seamless song transition will be implemented?

This will still take quite a while, sorry. One by one…

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