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You may consider to just copy the Layer, and set its Instrument to “Shared”, selecting the first one. That way, no resources are wasted.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m using a Studiologic controller along with a Korg NanoControl which was why I was requesting that

In the original first layer I’m playing Keyscape from my Studiologic SL88 controller and I’m using the Soft Pedal to turn the pages of my PDF music forward and that is working quite well. What I would like to do ideally is use a button on my Korg NanoControl to scroll backwards through the pages. Also I have the first 2 knobs on my NanoControl set up to control tone and reverb mix in Keyscape. What is the best way to set this up in the duplicate layer? Thanks!

Are you talking about the Vst Viewer? It has a MIDI Learn function so you can program page up/down individually.

The duplicate Layer is referencing the same Instrument instance as the first, so Quick Controls work on the same plugin. You can access Quick Controls via the Media Bay, select top right “Plug-ins/Controls”, and you may program Quick Controls for MIDI remote via the “Actions and Shortcuts” function in the “Devices” menu.

Thanks! It all works fine now

It would be good to have the same loop system as in Ableton Live.
For each new midi or audio track, we could have the possibility to loop the sample.
Example : I have 4 bars of piano but I want to loop these 4 bars. I could use the L and R marker specially for this track and if I have another track I want to loop, I coud have another L and R marker for this second track.


3rd party MIDI insert effects like in Logic Pro E.G. Scaler, Cthulhu, etc. (instead of routing MIDI from another track)

I need audio output as mono individual outputs instead of stereo.

Outputs are mono when their assigned port is mono.

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Some ideas :

  • Android companion App
  • Translation of VST live in French (and others langages if you want :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hello, Cheers for the 1.1.20 improvements. BRAVO !

Multiple lyric tracks that can be routed to different outputs:

  • For backing vocals
  • Instructions and notes to band members
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… good one, @Fredrik_Wigden. Please do not stop to add requests here. Promised! We are listening.


Marker track! including cycle markers and the possibility to create them via range tool or selecting events.

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Why not try the free & excellent Ripchord VST

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Anything but basic free arp: BlueARP VST
Oh, sorry, not available as VST3 it seems…