Free warp by erasing the marking numbers and cutting the Grid Ruler

1 - Activate Free Warp

2 - Slide the Mouse over the timestamp numbers and they will be erased. The Grid Ruler will also be cut.

Cubase 12.0.30

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Can anyone test and confirm this issue as well? @Louis_R

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Hi !
Yes I confirm the issue. Very easy to reproduce.
This happens with both the Lower Zone and the Windowed Sample Editor.
Adding or moving a marker makes the text reappear.

audiowarp edit tool erases value numbers

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This problem really exists. I hope that in the next update it will be fixed. Thanks @Louis_R

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And this problem appears in all Cubase size scales.

We have reported this problem to our bug tracker. Thank your for the report!


@Armand , @Louis_R , This problem still exists in Cubase version 12.0.40. Hope to be fixed in the next update. Thanks!

I am not the lead for this project. @Thorsten_Marx is :slight_smile:

@Armand, Ok. Thank you for your availability. @Thorsten_Marx, This problem happens since version 12.0.0.

The same Bug still present in version 12.0.50. Since the initial release there is this problem and it is not fixed.

Same problem in Cubase version 12.0.51.

Same problem in version 12.0.60

The same problem is happening in version 13.0.10

Same problem in version 13.0.20