Frequency 2 graphic issue

when one of the bands is changed to dynamic mode the buttons at the top are no longer visible.


Also when you switch to Single view instead of multi.

Which Cubase Version?


Thanks, much, @Pablin_Drummer .

The issue is with the Single band view.

Reproduction Sequence :

When you are still in the Single view and have re-opened the window so the controls are back to normal, the following actions make the controls become empty again :

  • Selecting another band, (either by clicking on its tab or by grabbing the band on the graph)
  • Resetting the EQ, (ctrl/alt+click on Reset)
  • Toggling back to the Multi view.

Added to the issues list, number 28.

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Update from the Support :

This will be solved in the upcoming update (12.0.40).

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The issue has been fixed with the 12.0.40 maintenance update.

Now Cubase freezes for a very brief moment when we toggle back to Multi.

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Good and…ok