frustrating as hell - crash on 'hide all automation'


Workflow killer


Its a pain - I know this…

Sorry to sound blunt but, you know how the next bit goes:-

Repeatable with any/specific project…? Is there a small sample project they could look at…? Crash log(s) available…? System resource issue…? Any bridged plugins in use…? Etc, etc…

Works perfectly well on my projects, I don’t think it’s a general thing.
More likely something system specific.
Any controllers involved ?

No crash here…

This also happens to me and I first noticed this bug in Cubase 8.5. Never happened in prior versions. Unfortunately, this it a random bug and it makes it hard to reproduce, but it’s there. I have seen others complain about this in other threads. I got in the habit of saving my project right before using the command, cause I have no idea what I’m gonna get. Basically a coin toss, haha.

So two users in the thread see the crash, but one of them doesn’t post OS or VST plugin info. :confused:

macOS… Not using plugins at this stage just recording

So check this out. I went to the Nuendo 8 forum section out of curiosity and so happen to stumble across this thread(see 2nd post):

This is also happening in Nuendo 8. Definitely a bug on both ends, and should be seriously looked into.

thanks for the validation. Yes, still happening on my end. Maybe 25% of the time using the ‘hide all automation’.

It is not ideal!!!

You’re welcome! Yeah, same here, it occurs at random times. Hopefully Steinberg come across this and at least becomes aware of the bug.
We should submit a direct issue ticket to Steinberg so that it can be logged in and not completely forgotten in the forum.

I have posted it in the Issues forum as well.
I have tried to issue direct tickets in the past but cannot seem to do that, maybe because in Australia. It leads me through a circular spiral through their website and I always end up on my account page.

I see, that’s too bad. I went ahead and submitted one this morning, and linked this thread. This is a tough one to reproduce since it’s random and not a lot of people are report this issue. At this point I’m hoping it gets fixed on it’s own within the the next update/s.

Are you by any chance using a template you created in an older version prior to Cubase 9?

I notice that the two people in this thread having the problem and the guy in the Nuendo thread are all Mac users. Everyone else in this thread who doesn’t experience this problem is on Windows. I’m running Windows and never have a problem despite using ‘Hide All Automation’ dozens of times every day. Might well be a Mac specific issue.

Agree, this seems to only affect Cubase on Mac. Thanks for pointing it out.

I have not experienced this issue since I updated to 9.0.30. It’s been over a week and so far it’s been good.
I will report back if anything changes.

great to hear, thanks for the update!
I have been too scared to use it but will try again with some new found confidence.

Quick update… I thought this bug was fixed/gone, but it is unfortunately still crashing Cubase when using the “Hide All Automation” command.

Steinberg, please look into this. As the title says, it’s frustrating to have this crash Cubase and affect workflow.

I just found someone else having this issue here:

Yes, yes, yes. Posting about crashes without including details needed to reproduce the crash is almost useless.

A crash dump would be useful too.

Hi, I’ll look into getting some more details, but just registered to say i’ve been experiencing the same thing for quite a while now and am glad i’m not the only one. I’m on a Mac.