FX Chain Presets Problem

It happens to me as well. So essential feature, and so annoying it doesn’t work.
Hope to see a fix soon as well.

Ref. CAN-14990, CAN-15795, CAN-16876

The fix is being tested to be included in the next patch, 9.5.40.

That’s great news, thanks for the feedback!

Hope that fix is coming soon. Really annoying

Cubase pro 9.5.3 windows 10 latest version available.

I have experimented this since 9.5.2. Cant load FX chain presets.

Same problem here… desperately looking forward to the fix.

I can’t figure out the issue, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t

when is 9.5.4 due to be released?

+1 with the FX chain preset fix DESPERATELY needed! Makes working on my current project near impossible when I have some problematic vocal tracks on in different projects that need the same FX chain - having to manually re load or save each single effect is a nightmare.


As it is written in another thread by Fabio, we could expect C9.5.40 in 2 or 3 weeks.

I’m having the same issue: Any ‘user made Insert FX Preset’ will not load. The presets bundled with Cubase WILL load. But user made presets, regardless if they uses native or 3rd party Plugins, will not load anything, they’re just blank when dragged on the channel, and don’t load if clicked.

Same here :frowning:
Issued track presets has been attached
ChainPresets.zip (7.55 KB)

But this one loads ok (Third party plugins used)

Made a Steinberg’s homework:

if replace all tags (in fxchainpreset file) like:


it loads ok.
TrackPresetChain.2.zip (2.83 KB)

Same thing happening here and can’t rebuild template which has corrupted since moving from 8.5. Any date on the update?


As it is written in another thread by Fabio, we could expect C9.5.40 in a few weeks.

To temporary solve “FX Chain Preset” saving problem do the following:

  • Assemble the chain that needs to be saved as an" FX Chain Preset" (e.g., add various plugins into the insert slot of a track in the MixConsole)
  • Right click on the track’s name in the MixConsole and choose “Save Track Preset…”
  • Then save it the normal way as FX Chain Preset (e.g., click on the cube right next to INSERTS and choose “Save FX Chain Preset…”)

[Remark: The interesting thing is that you just need to save your FX chain once as “Track Preset” and after that just don’t do anything. Just go ahead and save your chain as “FX Chain Preset” as you would usually do it. Then try to load it. Should work]

I didnt see this post before, Im having exactly the same Issue

when this comes out?


As Fabio mentioned in other thread, it’s coming soon (in 2-3 weeks).

Is there a temporal solution to save the chain fx than being not “save Track preset”? this one is limited, because if I have a preset on sampler track and I want that chain in a audio track I will not be able to make it happen, this bug is killing part of my workflow :frowning:

Same happened to me a week ago under Nuendo 8.2.10
All my Kontakt libraries (10TB) are organized, labelled with mediabay, I don’t need to say it’s a HUGE work. :frowning:
Hope the near update will fix that issue…

FX chain works with 1, 2 and 3 plugins.