Get Creative with Cubase VST

I recently purchased a book by Kieth Gemmell called “Get Creative with Cubase VST”, which includes a CD with a bunch of sample songs. The book was written with Cubase 5 in mind - but I have Cubase 6. The samples on the CD all have .ALL and .ARR extensions. Cubase 6 won’t open them. I can’t find any reference to these file types in the Cubase 6 Operation Manual. Are these valid Cubase files and how do I open them in Cubase 6?

Thanks heaps for any help you can give.

The samples on the CD all have .ALL and .ARR extensions

These are NOT Cubase 5 but old “Cubase VST 5” extentions.
Solution see archive:

You can download a copy of Cubase SX3 here:

Thanks Ghost for you reply - unfortunately the SX3 downloads at are updates only - not the actual installable product. I don’t have the original SX3 code - I started with Cubase at the current V6 release - so my problem is how to get a copy of software and license for SX3 that Steinberg probably don’t even sell any more.

Your license from C6 includes all lower versions :wink:
BTW Split gave you the correct link for the download.


Brilliant guys - thanks for your help. I have Cubase6 installed on Windows 7 64 bit, so at first I installed SX3 onto a Win XP machine, but when I plugged the license-key dongle that I use for C6 on Win 7 into the XP machine the Syncrosoft LPT wouldn’t read it, so then I installed SX3 onto the same Win 7 box I have C6 on, and everything works a treat. Thanks again - owe you guys a beer if ever you are in Aus.


when I plugged the license-key dongle that I use for C6 on Win 7 into the XP machine the Syncrosoft LPT wouldn’t read it

Please install the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center on this machine.



I just read this post while searching for ways to open VST5 songs in C6.

I managed to download and instal SX3.1 but I cannot get it to launch. There is a problem with the Synkrosoft Licenser. I have the USB dongle with my C6.5 license plugged in, and the eLicenser Control Center app is version is up to date (

Do I have to manually add a license for SX3 to my USB dongle? If so how do I do that?


No, you can´t and don´t need to add a license manually.
Are you using Cubase 6.5 or Cubase Artist 6.5 ?
And do you think it might be helpful to post the system and OS you´re on…?

Hey thinkingcap, thanks…

I am using Cubase Artist 6.5 … hmmm is that the problem there? Cubase SX is parallel to the full version of Cubase 6.5 only? So my CA6.5 license does not cover SX?

Is there a solution for Cubase Artist users, or am I high and dry here?

Yes, my bad, I really should get that in my signature :blush:

I’m on a MacPro Octo Core 3ghz
OSX 10.6.8
Cubase Artist 6.5.4
Tascam US428 USB Controller/Interface


As Split wrote already - maybe the Cubase SL3 installer will work. If not the SE 3 should hopefully do it

Thanks guys

Getting closer, I’ll try that. Even though eLCC is giving me its own set of headaches now (another post)

I’ve searched up and down this forum all day. Maybe the search algorithm needs some tweeking if the post Split linked to did no get returned. Could have saved a lot of wasted time… :confused:


Success. Thanks to all who helped by sharing info on this workflow. I detailed the steps I took today in another thread for future reference should any other poor soul be looking for help