GoldenAge SMuFL font

Hmm. There seems to still be a problem with Chord suffixes, but I’m not sure if it’s Dorico or the font.

The 7 here looks fine:


but when I change the Chord Symbol preset to Brant-Roemer:


the 7 gets too close. And in the Symbol Appearance editor, we can see that the 7 is being pushed into the MA because of a negative X offset of -0.5.

Other similar things abound: A aug and E aug chords have different X offset values by default.

A has 0.25

and E has 0.75.

I can’t see anything in Engraving Options for specifying the default distance for such things, nor for having different values for different chords. And there’s nothing in the Chord Symbols Editor, either.

In short, I can’t accommodate these issues in the font itself, and I think anyone wanting to use the font would have to configure the chords to suit – possibly manually.

So, barring the horizontal dispoisition of these symbols, I’m pretty happy with everything. There’s a new build on github, which I’ve bumped up to v0.99. Oooh!

X and Diamond heads exist in this font yet?

Think so, Yes.

I just tried to set up a big band score with Golden Age and noticed that the default percussion clef for the drums is missing. I get this:

I can change it to the “rectangular” percussion clef, but shouldn’t this glyph also be used as the regular clef?

I’ve now added the || (double bar) style of percussion clef to E069, but the rectangle should already be there on E06A. See if that is any better.

(Version number is the same.)

Yes, that’s working. Thanks!

Dorico has a special kerning table for chord symbol components, but at present there’s only a single one (well, technically, there are two, one for Roman chord symbols and another for italic ones, though the italic table actually somewhat uselessly currently has exactly the same values as the Roman one), so it’s not currently practical for you to create your own kerning table that is font-specific. Probably this is something we need at some point in the future.

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Is Golden Age only compatible with Dorico 4? Tried importing it into 3.5 and got this…

Make sure you added the JSON file to the correct location and relaunched Dorico.

Sometimes, on Windows, you may even have to restart after adding a font.

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Restarted and it didn’t fix anything… This is correct, right?

The font file itself doesn’t go in that folder: it needs to be installed like any other font.

Right-click on the font then Install.

That worked, thank you! @benwiggy, the only thing in my current score that the font doesn’t have is playing techniques; In this case it’s the “choke” marking.

Actually that might be wrong; Dorico keeps trying to use Finale Jazz for playing techniques. How do I fix this?

If you’re on D3.5, then Dorico should show ‘gaps’ for any PTs not defined in the font. There may be quite a few missing.
I’m not sure why you’re getting Finale Jazz – possibly a Font Style?

In Engrave Mode, under the Engrave Menu, go to “Font Styles” and change the Playing Technique font there.

^^ Here’s what I have…
Any other ideas? Paragraph styles are also set to Golden Age.

And the Playing Technique Font Style?

Is there an easier way than assigning it to every individual playing technique?

In the Font Styles menu, set the Playing Techniques style to Golden Age.