Current (Updated?) Official Steinberg detailed instructions for Upgrade from C11 to C12.0.10 (Grace)

Hello Steinberg reps/mods -

Would someone from Steinberg kindly point me to the most current link for that upgrade please? I went to the Steinberg support pages, but couldn’t clearly identify that “recipe” for doing that.

I did find instructions spread across several threads, but these are from 03/2022, soon after the original C12 Pro was released, and it’s unclear to me if those instructions are still valid, and importantly I am confused how to put the information in all these threads together to proceed today to get C12 upgrade (in the grace period):

Grace Period Update to Cubase 12 - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

How to verify eligibility for free Grace Period update – Steinberg Support

Problems with updating to Cubase 12? Please read this first before posting! - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

So - I’d be grateful if a Steinberg rep/mod would please point me to a single link that shows me how to upgrade C11 Pro to C12 Pro (in the grace period), or conversely just spell it out here if that might be easier for them.

Thank you!

[ADDENDUM]: And PS: I am in the grace period for C12, I should have mentioned that earlier, it is the instructions for the upgrade with the grace period that I’m looking for - thank you!

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Looking for official help from the Steinberg reps/mods … 24 hr bump.


I do wonder why I’m not getting a Steinberg mod/rep to reply to this thread. Wrong thread/forum? Inappropriate question? I’m happy to find out.


Hi Steinberg reps/mods!

It’s going on one week that you haven’t answered this support question. I am not at all sure why!

Maybe I’ll get a response from you if I explain why I’m asking?

  • There have been many many posts from users having trouble upgrading to C12, including in the grace period.

  • Steinberg reps and mods have made many different recommendations/ instructions on this forum trying to help those users. Many of those were unfortunately not successful, requiring one-on- one PM level interactions with the Steinberg reps to rectify the problems.

  • Importantly to me, some of those posters have said their ability to use C11 was compromised after trying to upgrade to C12 Pro.

  • My situation: I would like very much to upgrade to C12 Pro (grace period), but I only have one main DAW, and don’t want to become one of those users who lose the ability to run Cubase Pro 11 because of an unsuccessful upgrade attempt.

  • Putting all this together:
    … I wonder if Steinberg’s “upgrade in the grace period” process has been modified/improved since Steinberg reps/mods made any specific set of recommendations.

… I don’t know which, if any, of the many threads on this topic contains the correct set of instructions for me to follow today!

So - I’m asking you, dear Steinberg reps/mods, to please point me to the most current and comprehensive set of instructions to upgrade to C12 Pro (grace period), so as to minimize any upgrade problems.

I hope all this helps in explaining what support I’m asking for, and why. I’ll be happy to change whatever I need to in this post to get a reply from you, dear Steinberg rep/mod. Or, if you think this just isn’t an appropriate forum question at all, please LMK and I’ll try to get the answer elsewhere (though I will wonder why you wouldn’t be the best people to get the information from :grinning:).

Thank you!

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I do not work for Steinberg, but because of all the questions folks have had about the update/upgrade process (and the admittedly pretty complex update process), I ended up writing a step-by-step walkthrough, with screenshots, for the entire thing. While my steps cover purchasing the upgrade, there is a paragraph about how to check if you’re eligible for the grace period update, and what to do in that case. I have performed the update twice (Pro 11 → Pro 12 and Artist 7.5 → Artist 12). Most of the screenshots are from when I updated Artist.

I didn’t experience any problems yet, and I am still actively using Cubase Pro 11 on my main PC; I only installed 12 out of curiosity so far.

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OMG @Ultimate_Outsider !!

I went to your blog and reviewed … this is such a work of love!! Thank you so much, Ultimate_Outsider!!

I will probably wait to update (in the grace) period from Cubase 11 Pro to Cubase 12 Pro till Cubase Pro 12…0.20 comes out.

You are da bomb. Ultimate_Outsider -thank you!!

EDIT: Steinberg mods, can you make this a stickie, please?

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Haha, no problem. I bookmarked your thread when I first saw it, because I had just finished the Pro 11>Pro 12 update the day before and it was more steps than I had initially imagined. When I set out to update my Artist 7.5, I screenshotted every step and took notes.

It’s been 27 days since I wrote this OP asking Cubase employees or mods for help.

Then today there’s this:

Hard to understand that in this context, so nothing to do but :smiley:!

Well, there is has been this thread the whole time with detailed (of course not as detailed as @Ultimate_Outsider! Good job!) information on the grace period update.

I can’t read every post in the forum. It’s just not possible. You can tag me in your post if you want to increase the chance that I read it.

I can see in your account that you haven’t updated to Cubase 12 yet. Did you get stuck in the grace period process or did you never try it?

Here is how it’s done:

  1. Open the Steinberg Download Assistant, log-in and let the SDA run some updates.
  2. Now you have the new Steinberg Activation Manager on your system. Please open it and log-in.
  3. You can now go to the menu and click on “Grace Period Check…”
  4. The system will check if you are eligible for the update. Please make sure the the USB eLicenser is connected!
  5. You will be now directed to website and you can just follow the steps described there.

Hello Mathias, thank you for your helpful reply!

I did see that thread you mentioned in your reply, Problems with updating to Cubase 12? Please read this first before posting! , but I also saw many people running into problems presumably following those instructions, this was all soon after C12 release. I thought maybe there was something about the instructions that led folks astray, so I decided to not try to follow them in case the same thing happened to me. I started this thread to see if you guys at Steinberg had updated those instructions, officially or otherwise, somewhere in the many helpful posts you all so kindly wrote. :slight_smile: And yes, hats off to @Ultimate_Outsider for the amazing set of directions he posted!

I will be updating to C12 Pro when the majority of the problems I’m following on the forum are resolved. I have an old rig (though, as per sig, it does barely meet minimum requirements for C12 Pro), so I figure I’m more likely to have a problem than the average bear. I’m not the best troubleshooter, so I’m happy (enough!) to wait a while longer while using C11 Pro.

Thank you again for your kind assistance, @Matthias_Quellmann !

Hi @Ultimate_Outsider - upgraded in Grace Period last night with your instructions on my second screen … all successful … thank you so much once again!

And thank you @Matthias_Quellmann for your helpful informations as well!

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