Guitar with capo: Clef and Transposition Overrides

Hi - I’m on Dorico 3.5 Pro and creating classical guitar scores.

I’m trying to make Dorico transpose all pitches in a guitar score up a minor third in playback only. So, for example if you enter/read C natural you will hear D sharp. This is to reflect the fact the guitar is fitted with a capo on the 3rd fret which raises the pitch of all 6 strings by three semitones.

I’ve opened a new score, added the fretted instrument player ‘Classical Guitar’ then right clicked on Full Score in the Layouts section to set ‘Transposed Pitch’ for the ‘Clef for the first staff. Next to ‘Written middle C Sounds as:’ I’ve selected D#’.

However, when I entered a note there is no change. If I enter C natural I’m getting C natural not D sharp. I’ve tried closing and reopening Dorico, creating new projects, different instruments (e.g. violin) with the same outcome.

I have also found ‘Edit Strings and Tuning’ which allows you to set open string values and select the capo position. I have adjusted these to suit the required tuning but it hasn’t affected playback.

I’m wondering if there is a gap in my understanding of how this feature is designed to work. Perhaps it’s not possible and a work-around is necessary.

Apologies if this has already been covered somewhere in the forum but I’ve not found an answer via any of the posts read so far.

P.S. Here is a screen shot of the clef settings…

I’ve dug a bit further and found the following:-

Exploring the ‘Edit Strings and Tuning’ option, I’ve applied the ‘6-course Renaissance lute (tenor)’ preset which is close to the desired tuning. I’ve also activated lute notation alongside standard guitar notation to get a better idea of what is going on. That done I now realise that things are geared towards the lute notation showing finger positions and standard notation always showing the correct pitch. What I am after is often referred to by classical guitarists as scordatura, and somewhat the opposite, where the notes that sound are different from those on the page. And to clarify, I’m not really wanting to use tablature but it looks like it might have to be the way forward.

Many thanks. How I’d love to upgrade to Dorico 4 if it wasn’t for O/S incompatibility. It really hurts when that happens. I’m running Mac OSX High Sierra on a 2011 iMac.