Halion 4 Crashes Cubase 6-Screenshot

I have been using Halion 4.5 in a few recent projects. I have noticed that when I use Halion 4 Cubase is very likely to crash on exit with a hashstack or ntdll error, or , even worse, when I try to open the project again , Cubase 6 crashes and the error log clearly blames Halion 4. This started to happen with H4.5/ Cubase 6.05 , so I am not sure if this is Cubase’s or Halion’s problem. But it definitely needs investigating. It is not good to see a Steinberg VSTi crashing Cubase.

For the error see attached screenshot.

I use both Halion 4 and Cubase 6.05 in 64bit mode.
Halion 4.JPG

I have had that exact crash quite a few times too, namely when importing samples, or dragging and dropping presets from the Halion 4 mediabay into a slot. Today I had the crash while creating a new tab for mediabay from another window.

Same crash again, with just a couple of Halion 4 instances and just using the stock presets.
This is getting really frustrating.

This is the error I get almost everytime I close Cubase 6.05
See screenshot

I have a problem alike!

I get a Runtime error! message when C6 closes down: R6025 - pure virtual function call

Help would be appreciated.

Regards, Charles

Got this error today as well.
I found out that you get that error if you close the project first and then close Cubase.
So is Steinberg aware of this?

With me it just crashes. No time to close the project nor Cubase.

Anyone from Steinberg wanting to comment something on it? Is this acknowledged?



Halion 4 is rendered useless, right now… :frowning:


Any Halion 4 users out there?

I have also exact both problems. Cubase 6.0.5 64Bit and Halion 4.5.1 64Bit and
I opened a support ticket for this Problems.

Not seen this issue at all in 32bit C6 & H4.
Hope it gets fixed for you guys very soon.

dragging a wav sample from the sample browser tab into a blank slot issued with me a pure virtual call error and when looking into the details it said the faulting module was Halion4.vst3. I have had this a few times now. Cubase will then totally hard lock forcing me to end the process tree from within Windows task manager.

Steinberg have acknowledged this as a bug, and that a fix will be in the next update. Only the 64-bit version of HALion 4 is affected. As a workaround, avoid the “4.0…” presets or those with a Surround Panner when using the 64-bit version of HALion 4.
(@Cantankerous: your specific issue seems a bit different though …)

I just installed Halion on Windows 7 64 bit SSD drive and updated to 4.5 and the first project I saved using Cubase 6.5 crashed on opening Cubase later. After closing Cubase and trying to open it again it worked, so it is hit and miss as to weather I can open Cubsae after saving a project incorporating Halion. Maybe I used a 4 preset as proposed earlier?

The bug described in this (now old) thread has long been dealt with. I use Cubase and HAlion almost daily and I can’t remember the last time I experienced any crash. In view of the fact that you have just installed W7x64 and an SSD I’d be more inclined to suspect something else is causing your computer to crash; or, to put it another way, is there any evidence whatsoever that either Cubase or HALion 4 caused the crash?

I’m not wanting to be awkward here, and I understand completely the frustration that can arise with audio software, but on the other hand, think about it like this: you changed fundamentally the way your computer operates, you loaded an application, and your computer crashed. Why would you immediately jump to the conclusion that it would be the application that was at fault?

I had the same issue the past week when I started using Halion 4 extensively again. Whenever I use Halion 4 in a project it’s 50% chances that the project won’t load the first time I load it.
After that most of the times it loads fine. But this does not make me confident in using it.

Here is an updated screenshot of the bug with Cubase 6.5.3. The crash report once again clearly shows Halion as the culprit.

If anyone has any suggestions I will be more than happy to hear them.
halion 4.5.PNG

Dear Mr Soundman, The reason I suspect Cubase/Halion is causing the project to crash on opening is in the event log, which states Cubase application (Cubase6.exe and a kernel .ddl error) caused the crash. I enquired with Yamaha support and the nice gentleman wanted to know if my SSD was configured AHCI. The company who built my new computer assured me it is. I have checked the pc also and the ssd is running AHCI and is aligned.
But at least so far the audio only projects still open (all audio stored on 10,000 RPM spinning drives) and 99% of our work is audio using an RME UFX interface. My event viewer says fault application path is C:\program files\steinberg\cubase6\Cubase6.exe.
Faulting module path C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Steinberg\Halion 4\HALion4vst3.