Has anyone tested cubase on Mac OS Big Sur?

Stable / not stable ? Just curious

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Aloha drdrdrdr,

Good question.
Much too afraid here to test at this point.

AFAIK Big Sur (OS11) is supposed to be a major upgrade/update from OS10,
so I will wait till Steiny/Yamaha gives us some official guidance on this.

Now that I think about it, Steiny must also be hard at work these days
on not only the Big Sur stuff but also on the upcoming Silicon based Mac stuff as well.

Bet the virus is also slowing development. (patience curt, patience).

So Steiny, sup? Any news?


Can you imagine what cubase pro is going to be like on the new Apple silicon computers. It’s going to fly! But can’t complain as my 2019 MacBook Pro is very fast as is. Just very noisy fans is all.

I think the dongle will be a problem and many sound cards. I think it is a preparation for the Arm OSX changed the requirement for drivers. No kernel drivers for USB gears. They have to use the drivers apple provide, for example audio class. Specific gadget need a user-space driver. It will give more overhead and they are also easier to debug, witch for security gadgets like the dongle is not so good. (Apple does not care, they want software vendors to use their app-store and their protection)

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Anyone smell ‘subscription’ model in the air??


This isn’t something I normally do, but I think lockdown and too much beer resulted in me playing with fire. I loaded Big Sur beta on my 2018 MacBook Pro.

For the last week: using Cubase every day. Flawless. I can’t tell you how excited I was - everything (so far) seems absolutely fine. No problem with Cubase, elicenser, Wavelab, my QCon midi controllers, nektar keyboard, UAD Apollo and UAD plugins. Fabulous. I know it’s described as a major OS change and it may be that Apple have been particularly careful given the impending introduction of their own RISC cpus (the beta was late in arriving).

I know things can change with new betas, but at the moment I’m more impressed with Big Sur beta than Windows 10 2004 which screwed up a number of functions on my desktop.


Aloha Steve and great news to hear. Tanx for your bravery!

However I think I will wait for the official release and then take the leap.

Sending you much aloha,

Ha very brave but thanks for sharing. Seems like things are looking good. When the new APlle silicon chips come out cubase is going to fly like crazy.

Buh-bye SB!

Or you will be ‘suitin’ up with the rest of us. —Tony Stark


FWIW, I’m running Big Sur beta 5 off a dev m.2. Don’t know about Cubase, but Nuendo 10.3 & Wavelab 10 are running well as far as I can tell so far: loading & playing old projects etc. Am surprised that UA’s console, plugs, Apollo x8 & UA’s LUNA DAW all run nicely. eLicenser works [v6.12.4.1273], iLok, Faderport, Fab Filter, Ozone, SoundToys.

Am much preferring BigSur to the rather awful Catalina, have also noticed that some of those bugs are gone.

When you say ‘dev m.2’ does that mean an Apple silicon developer’s mac mini?


No, a dual boot development system, Catalina on the Mac SSD & Big Sur on a Thunderbolt 3 Samsung EVO M.2,

Have you noticed any improvements that relate to music production ? Speed / cpu etc ?

I just updated to Big Sur and have a slew of problems…

My Cubase is scrolling slowly and there are weird/pixelated graphic errors on a lot menus. Anyone have this problem?

Pics included.

I’ve been using Big Sur on a MacBook Pro 2018 from an early beta. I had problems with a late beta but since the full Big Sur release (and the new 11.1 beta) I’ve not had any problems with graphic glitches in either 10.5 or, so far, 11. The internal gpu is a Radeon pro 560x. It’s also working through a Razer Core X egpu with a Vega 64 gpu.


On Big Sur some VST plugin like Grove Agent has bug on display.

Many users have the same problem with other plugins as well.

I haven’t had any problems at All with Cubase 11 and Big SUR and I’m naturally stupid … so I’m a little surprised and happy .

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