Hidden Cubase 8 features!

So after browsing the new Cubase 8 forums, it has become obvious that Steiny has loaded our favorite DAW with tons of great stuff.

I have already seen many things that were, at first glance, not obvious…hence the creation of this thread. Please feel free to load this thread with new enhancements that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. Steinberg has done a great job with vids explaining some new enhancements and features. Now let’s see if we can add all the smaller things to one place…kind of a primer for lesser known goodies.

Can’t wait to see what all shows up here!



Now you can disable Instrument Tracks, which makes it easier to use large templates.

The Arpache SX has two new menu’s in the presets section:

Piano Sequences
Guitar Sequences


Have you noticed that the Inspector in the Project window is now scrollable? :slight_smile:

Yes, disabling of instrument tracks is HUGE. Now I can unload Play and Hollywood strings from Ram after ‘rendering in place’ and go back and enable the instrument track if I need to edit the midi parts. This is fantastic and works in a similar way to Pro Tools.

it had been before too, by holding the middle mouse button and dragging (on pc anyway).

record output to track on midi inserts (wasn’t there before i think ) :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, it’s new… You can also use it this way, as four extra Input Transformers :slight_smile:

Wonder if we could get this thread stickied? Gonna be a good one. Disabling of instrument tracks is definitely a big one!

Selected MIDI notes in the Key Editor now show up for reference on the vertical keyboard.

Double Click the top of Cubase (Bar) and see your desktop…click again to restore

Alt-U to update workspaces. Don’t recall ever seeing that in 7.5. Makes working with workspaces much cleaner as I control exactly when I want a workspace change to be saved - for me anyway!

In the Pre-section the pre-gain at 0db is blue and if you move the gain either way it’s …

This is a great feature! This one was worthy of upgrade mention! I will definitely buy the upgrade for this feature alone! Combined with better ASIO Guard now that they will be instrument tracks template. Just awesome!

Mediabay now filters away any additional selections that are not relative, in older cubase versions if you select a filter, the others would just gray out, now mediabay will filter away anything not relevant in the other filters…

Hi, can you explain this one a little to me? (Other people seem really stoked about this too, so I want to understand the implications.)

I am not much of a template user, but I’ve found that even with Cubase 7.5’s overhaul, I’m still using Instrument tracks only for single-part instruments and Rack instruments for anything that might go multi-timbral/multi-output.

What exactly do you mean when you say you can disable Instrument Tracks, and how does this affect your workflow? Are you talking about tracks that have no MIDI associated with them (like you would see when you first opened up a template)?

if you disable a track, the track still appears in your timeline, but the plugins are not loaded and the instrument is not loaded. the workflow basically is, you would render out your track to audio, then disable the instrument track.

Perhaps this is what I don’t understand: Would you use this ability in addition to the new render-in-place feature, or instead of it? (I had assumed that the new bounce ability automatically disabled the plugins on that track/channel, but is that not the case?)


Having trouble navigating and scrolling up and down in the new Mix-console view? :frowning:

Hover you mouse between “two” tracks —>|<---- in Mix-console view to scroll. Now the scrolling with your mouse works again.
Also on VCA faders, whole area works for scrolling Mix-console view, up and down.

Temporary workaround until Steinberg fix the scrolling issue.
Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

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the render in place actually uses this functionality, when you render in place you have the option of disabling the instument track which frees up the CPU etc of all the plugins but gives you the ability to quickly go back to the original track if needed… best of both worlds