How can I open some old .all files?

I have some old files in .all format, is there any way to open them or convert them to midi files?

See Download Links to Older Versions of Cubase

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Hi roderickmickle,
this problem i had years before too.
It isn’t possibel to import *.all or *.arr from old Cubase versions.
Because it is to different data.
You only have a chance to convert it to MIDI in an old Cubase version.
So you have to install an old Cubase VST 5 for example and in this Cubase you must export your music to a MIDI-File.
The best resolutions you get is, when you set the instruments to a standard MIDI-set, like General MIDI or XG-MIDI-Standard.
So at first your drums must have all MIDI-Channel 10.
Piano or Keys to Channel 2, etc.
For the MIDI Standards google for a table of Channel-Sets.
After that, when you have a MIDI-File, open your new Cubase and then open the program settings.
Here scroll to MIDI and MIDI-File and set the instrument target to “Halion Sonic multitimbral”
And NOW you can import your MIDI-File.
Cubase generate MIDI-Tracks with Instrument Patches like the Standard.
In best case you get nearly the same sounds, like you choose in your old Cubase.
But now you can choose the Patch-Settings like you want.
Good luck!

Thanks DVance, I’ll try to get a copy of cubase 5, I’ve tried cubase 3 and it will only run on Power PC Macs and I don’t have one of those anymore… I do have my original Atari 1040ST with V 1.0 cubase, so I’m going to try and get that running and hopefully either cubase 5 or Atari will bring a result.
Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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Not according to:

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Some hours before, i have installed Cubase SE 3, that you can download free from
It runs without any problems and i import an old *.all song from my old Cubase.
Then i export it as a MIDI-File and this i import in my Cubase 12 Pro.

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Hi Steve,
sorry, maybe my english wasn’t perfect.
I want to say, that the new Cubase couldn’t import *all or *arr.
With Cubase SE 3 it works well.


Thank you all for the information. I only found out, that LE3 isn´t free at all. It requires a license… My LE13 License does not seem to work, although I just nedd SE3 for converting my old .all Cubase 5/32 files into MIDI tracks.
Still I got a USB-key for the 5/32,but I suppose it won´t be valid for SE3?
Re-nstalling the old XP PC for converting seems a bit strange to me dear Steinbergs! I got Cubase Licences since 1.0 on my ATARI about 100 years ago, so it would be nice to give an old bloke like me a chance!
Thank you and best regards, Marconi
Does anybody have

Hi and welcome Marconi!

" … "
I changed this text because I have new insights…

This was a Link from Steinberg Support, to the old Cubase Versions:

Converting Cubase VST songs (ALL/ARR) into CPR format

The Cubase song and arrangement formats .ALL and .ARR used by Cubase Atari versions up to Cubase VST 5 for Windows and Mac have been replaced by the current project file format .CPR with the introd…

Here you see the table with Cubase Versions and it seems you need a license!
But you don’t need another license, if you have one for Cubase 11, 12 or the newest 13!
For me, with a license for Cubase Pro 12 i don’t need a license for SE3…


But this old Cubase SE… runs in Windows 10/11 very well!

I am able to run Cubase SE3 (and SX3) on my old machine, but it won’t open or recognize my .all file. Are there any other additional steps?

Hello Vincent,
do you import the.all File?
That’s the way: in Cubase SE3 you must import an .all or .arr file.
If you do so, i’ve no idea how i can help you.

Okay, Vincent, here i want to explain with more details:

In Cubase SE3 or similar old one, you can’t OPEN the old files with endings .all or .arr.
You must IMPORT them:

If you want to import an .all file, then klick on Import “Cubase-Song”
If you want to import an .arr file, the klick on Import “Cubase-Arrangement”

Then your old Cubase data will konvert to an Cubase SE3 or SX3 “.cpr" file.
Now save your data as an new "
.cpr” file!
And this file you can also open in the newest Cubase AI, Elements, … or Pro!

I hope it works, as it works on my computer.
For any new question write here…
You’re welcome!

Thank you! I’m finally running SX3 on my old PPC G5 Mac and opening all of my extremely old Cubase recordings and re-saving as .cpr. Thanks for all the help everyone. I love that there is a path to recovery with this old material.


Hello, I have as well some very old .all files (39). but definetly lost any old cubase 3 license. I haven’t used it for centuries…
Is there any option to convert them into something, where modern Applications can work with?

Hello carsten2,
welcome to this community!
If you have a license for a newer Cubase (4 - 7.5) or Cubase Pro (8 - 12) you can use the old one’s SE/SL/SX well.
Please read my postings and see the pics.

Just a short question regarding CB13pro.

Is it the same like CB12pro?



Yes. Neither Cubase 12 nor 13 will open .all files.

Good morning all. I have some old files - about 6 of them that were created in Cubase Score in the late 1990’s. All I want to do is convert these to midi files. Is anyone keen to assist? I have tried to install the old software on emulators and what not with zero success in installing. Is there someone that already has SX3 or similar that can help out?

Hello “ozmsh01” and welcome to this forum!
the good news is: yes you can convert old Cubase-Files, like “.all" or ".arr” into new Cubase-Files or save as “*.mid”.
BUT: You must have a license from an newer Cubase to run Cubase SE3, SL3 or SX3.
Look into the table above, for more information, please.

Hello DVance. Let me explain further… I have attempted to solve the issue on two different Mac’s plus a windows machine. Given I have already spent 1400 AUD on the software in the 1990’s I have zero interest in providing further funds to Steinberg. I only have 6 cubase files that I will pay someone $50 AUD each file to convert to midi for me so someone who has already been through the process successfully can make some extra money. Any takers?