How do you delete a MISSING VSTi

Does Nuendo use the F11 shortcut, As with CB, for the Vsti Rack? If so, remove it from there.

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I often test different drum VSTi for a song. And then copy the MIDI track from e.g. originally toontrack to slate or hertz drums. Or use two String VSTi and copy the content from EastWest to Native Instruments.
You can copy / move the content / events of the MIDI track to any other instrument track. And then delete the old instrument track. I’ve been doing it for years.

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Thanks. I tried it and it didn’t work. As you can see from this screen shot, the Prologue is selected from the Project window, the VSTi Window and the little VSTi Window (F11). But instead of showing it as selected item in the dropdown menu, it shows NO VST INSTRUMENT.

If I scroll down to the SB Folder and try to force the selection on Prologue, it launches another one!

What happens when you select “No VST Instrument”?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

It looks like the link between the Rack Menu and the VSTi’s is somehow compromised. If I select an instrument in the Project Window, that instrument will light up in the VSTi Rack. But when I do the same for the Prologue and by extension the Halion Sonic SE version that has the Prologue, this doesn’t happen because it’s not there. What’s more disturbing is that no matter which instrument I select (working or not) The rack list still shows NO VST INSTRUMENT. So, it’s no longer talking to the actual rack.

When I selected the Prologue and hit the Expand Button to show what it was connected to, I got nothing (see screen shots below).

Now that’s super strange. In CB, with F11, you can remove the instrument by selecting “No VST Instrument”

At this stage, I’m also at a loss.


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It didn’t work. I copied a MIDI track and bussed it to the Prologue. Then I deleted the track. but the Prologue remained. Well the shell remained, since the instrument isn’t actually there.

Did I not do it correctly?

That’s the issue. No matter which window you use to access the No VSTi command, it has to first show the selected target. Then when you select no VSTi, it deletes whatever was previously selected on the list. But it opens already showing No VSTi. So when you select it, the window just closes.

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Seems like Nuendo’s bugging out. I could be wrong. Maybe, a re-install of Nuendo might fix it, or deleting preferences, or maybe starting up in safe mode. We may also be missing something simple here. This is weird to say the least.

Maybe, just maybe, uninstall Prologue, and see what happens, and then reinstall.

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You could try exporting the MIDI file and starting a new, clean Project with Prologue and the exported MIDI file. The current project could be corrupted.

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I just tried doing a reinstall of N11, since it has the prologue. It didn’t correct the issue. I got the same non-action when I opened the project.

How do I uninstall Prologue?

Should be listed in Windows Add/Remove Programs. Just locate it and uninstall.

Is this the “smoking gun?” I got this message when I tried to repair N11. Now I’m getting it for Halion.

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Could well be.

Tied up right now, I’ll check back later.

FINALLY got that “Shell” to shake loose and I deleted it! All it took was a complete uninstall and re-install of Halion and Nuendo 11. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Once I got that sorted, the shell responded to the No VSTi command in N12.

Thanks to all of you for your help! :grin:


New annoyance. I went into the Library to remove the patch it couldn’t find. But when I checked again, it gave me the same error message, this time for just SONIC CONTENT.

How am I supposed to know WHICH content? Is it Sonic SE, Sonic 3 or 5 -7? Any ideas how to chase this down?

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Hi @Keyplayer,

glad that you could finally resolve the first issue, and my apologies for not keeping up with your thread like the others did (due to temporary illness).

The new issue:
right now, and since I don’t use that VST Sound pack, I’m not sure if “Materials - Metal & Ice” has already been in Steinberg Licensing when it was published, or if it needs to be migrated, since “Materials - Wood & Water” does have a mark in the same line which confirms that “eLicenser is still supported”, while "Materials - Metal & Ice"has no mark (in the next line; perhaps I’m also over-interpreting that list a bit):

(the regularly updated compatibility list)

However, I just took the time to download & install both “Materials - Metal & Ice” and “Materials - Wood & Water”, in order to see which file versions are the current ones.

Result: all files (both products) are at version v1.

So, if you’ve got a license for “Materials - Metal & Ice” and if you could run it before, then the above error is “out of my detection range” - no idea. :thinking:


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No worries. People have lives. I had one before falling down this "ATMOS rabbit hole!":joy:

I never used that plugin because I’d never installed it. I was just installing all of those plugs because they were available in the DL assistant. So, when I got the error message, I had no issue with deleting it. But the new error message is too broad. I don’t know what I’m supposed to delete.

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Hi again @Keyplayer,

ok, got it. :joy: :wink:

There are, however, various HALion Sonic (SE) content packages that are being (technically) run by Cubase / Nuendo and Dorico as their “bosses” - as if they were part of a group license (I may be wrong, though) like it’s definitely the case with the Absolute collection -, so here’s a self quote from one of my (rather lengthy) posts, a couple of days ago:

Perhaps you can check if everything you’d installed as - apparently - installed (or recommended to be installed) via Nuendo is still there, still correctly registered by / in Library Manager, and also at the(ir) latest file version(s). Once identified, said files / VST Sounds should be easy to de-register and / or delete via Steinberg Library Manager.



Just in case, this was the whole thread (related to another user’s apparently missing Flux presets co-license with HALion Sonic 7 and Dorico 5):

Dorico 5 : Halion SE Flux library


[-edited: corrected possible nonsense previously annotated by me, as I still lack information about the licensing of all those older bundled HALion Sonic SE content packages - June 5th, 2023-]