How to horizontal scroll lower zone mix console?

In the separate window version of the mix console, you can position the mouse over any channel meter in the mix console, then use the scroll wheel to horizontally scroll the mix console. However, this doesn’t work in lower zone version of the mix console. Is this a bug?

As it is, it seems nearly impossible to horizontally scroll the lower zone mix console. You have to position your mouse over the tiny scroll bar that is only a couple of pixels high. It’s bit of a challenge trying to hit such a small target with the mouse. I must be missing something…this can’t possibly be the way lower zone mix console horizontal scrolling is intended to work?

Unfortunately, as designed, it works the way you describe. It could be improved for sure. :wink:

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I’m willing to believe there’s an explanation for why it works this way, but at first glance this seems like a serious design error in Cubase. This might be the single most common operation used on the mix console, so it’s confounding that there’s no easy way to do it. At the very least it should work the way the mix console window works. That’s not great, but at least it makes it possible to scroll the mix console. In addition, it seems like Cubase should work the way other DAWs work. They work the obvious way: horizontal scroll anywhere in the mixer will scroll it horizontally.


FYI… Over the years there have been many “Feature Requests” asking for changes to the thin scroll bars and , in general, the scrolling behavior.

This is one of the latest ones posted specifically about the OP. Might be a good idea to chime in on it. :wink:

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