Scrolling/Getting around the MixConsole

So I’m rocking Cubase 9.5, and I just realised how impractical scrolling the mixer is. This is a huge workflow killer!!

Whenever I try to scroll the mixer with my mousewheel, all I do is accidentally configure some EQ, change fader etc.

I don’t want to ruin my mix Steinberg, I want to scroll my damn project!

Give us the option to perhaps press “Alt+Mousewheel”, so that when “Alt” is pressed, Cubase/MixConsole completely ignores/locks any fader (or other information), that the mousewheel would otherwise change. Scrolling would then be alot easier, and it’d make getting around the MixConsole faster.

I want to scroll my project when I use the “Mousewheel”, not anything else.


I used to do this with the scroll bars. Back when they were standard (fat) width


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I hesitate to call this a feature request since I’m pretty sure this is a bug. Horizontal scroll of the mouse wheel should always scroll the window horizontally. It does so in the upper zone of the project window. It does so in the edit windows. It does so in other DAWs. Horizontal scroll should always scroll the mix console when the mouse is over the mix console, regardless of where the mouse is located in the mix console.

As it is, it’s nearly impossible to scroll the lower zone mix console. It’s hard to understand how Steinberg could have spent time on things like providing advanced coloring tools for channels, yet provided no easy way to scroll those exquisitely colored channels. The only explanation I can think of is that Steinberg is assuming users never have more than a handful of channels in their projects and never have a need to scroll the mix console. I can assure you that is an incorrect assumption.

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Yea, man… as you will get more and more familiar with Cubase, you will discover, that it has a lot of “fun” design features like that:

Besides scrolling, one of my other favorites is how conveniently the panning of the Sends has been placed:



Yes please Steinberg! Vertical edit window scrolling with one very popular trackball is BACKWARDS. Scrolling to the right should move DOWN the tracks not up. This is impossible to fix via a 3rd party driver because the Cubase MIX window scrolls the OPPOSITE way, so one or the other is always BACKWARDS. Please correct this Thank you !!

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