How to inverse the direction of Shift + Mouse Wheel

+1 here as well.

I didn’t use it a lot, but now that I know it exists and I want to use it, I’ve found (just as the rest) the it feels inverted.

It seems it’s been asked for, for many years now and it still hasn’t fixed. So I just had to reply!


@Gadget Fiend - Thanks for the software. After a long hours of struggle, just found that the modifier keys for “Shift” works only with the left key. Right SHIFT key works 1 out of 100 times. Not sure if this is how supposed to work. Appreciate if this can be fixed.

PS: I’m a left hand mouse user. Dell or Microsoft keyboards behaves lil different.

++1! Please

Please, could you just add an invert option in the preference menu. If I had only one wish for the next 10 year of cubase updates, it would be this one ! :slight_smile:

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Many thanks, man! I was getting so annoyed by that inverted scroll. It’s hard to believe Steinberg still didn’t address this issue.

Thanks for this. I’ll just add, in case anybody else missed the exceedingly obvious as I did, “Enable Modifier Keys” box needs to be checked on the “Modifier Keys” tab under Settings for this to work.

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Is it possible to only have this effect enabled when in Cubase? It works like a charm there, but ends up messing things up in other applications when I need to shift+wheel up or down.

Google landed me here. So no surprise that I say :

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    When “scroll the wheel” brings you to the beginning of a doc,
    shift + “same scroll” should bring you at the beginning of a track.
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I’ve always been a Mac Cubase user, and never thought that switching to Windows Cubase would be such a headache with this ridiculous inversion. My workflow has completely changed due to this, and I have actually considered leaving Cubase because of this. Even with x-mouse (which doesn’t work half of the time) this is pretty absurd in my opinion. I don’t think Steinberg will ever really listen to us here, as I have not heard a peep about this glitch. I mean, I would understand if this happened the same way in both mac and pc, but to have one different from the other is beyond me. It makes me wonder what else is wrong with the software under the hood.

+1. More customization in scrolling and zooming hotkeys in general would be really nice, but like this simple toggle in settings is a must tbh.

Can this be true? This thread has been existing since 2014 - thats 7 years and still Steinberg dit not react - let alone add this feature to their software!
If it’s such a big deal, maybe they could at least write some reply here, why it can’t be done.
Does anyone at Steinberg ever look into this forum? Do they provide any other platform for their BUYERS to ask for new features?
Well, whatever, add me to the list for this feature (changing scroll direction that is)…
+1 !!!


+1 Please
For Cubase and Nuendo

As a Mac User, I recognized an almost duplicate ticket that describes the problem (and it’s solution) from another (imho more precise) perspective: Horizontal Scrolling inverted / opposite between Windows and Mac - #4 by LasseTurunen

All the members that posted “+1” or something similar (as voting didn’t exist back then), consider that the devs might go for votes only and not really recognize your needs. So please consider voting.


Still no solution. I don’t want to install 3rd party program on my computer for this. Please Steinberg!

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It’s really weird that in Windows the shift + scroll is inverted.

It’s like Steinberg hardcoded this for Mac users?

Personally even on macOS I don’t like what Apple calls “natural”. Feels very unnatural to me.

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Totally agree, my solution was to buy the MX Master 3 mouse which has a horizontal scroll wheel. I could never go back to a mouse without one now.

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There should be a “reverse” or “invert” check box for every type of zoom or scroll function, including but not limited to:
horizontal scroll
vertical scroll
vertical zoom
horizontal zoom
increase track size
decrease track size
any sort of pinch/zoom/trackpad feature thingy

Too many of us use other programs that have drilled into our brains a specific way to navigate, and having a checkbox to reverse these options is just too easy a solution not to implement.



Just a small selection I did quickly of “supporters” on this issue.
There is propaby many many more of us if that helps:

It really boggles the mind that Steinberg can create such amazing functions, yet something as basic as this can go for years without getting fixed. It is maddening. I feel like I need to take Tylenol every time I use Cubase.

I don’t want to clutter my system with some shareware that may have other destructive effects. Does anybody know of a mouse product that has the ability to compensate for this? If I can solve the problem by buying a better mouse, I’ll do that, but seriously …

this needs to be fixed already.

Thanks richlum! Nice workaround.
Currently, to make it works as expected, in the 'Modifier Keys" tab, it must be checked for the checkbox of “Enable modifier keys”.