How to setup Novation Automap 4.8 for Cubase 8


There are compatibility issues with Novation’s Automap 4.8 and Cubase 8, as the configuration wizard doesn’t work. I think I am getting closer to a workaround process. I share it, to help more Cubase users make use of their equipment, and receive your feedback on possible improvements.

The following applies to Novation Automap 4.8 and Cubase 8, tested on Windows 7 and 8.1.

1. Open Novation Automap, go to the “Software Setup” page.

2. Click on “Setup VST Paths” button and add the paths of your VSTs using the “+” button. You should include at least the following:

  • C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins
  • C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins
  • C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 8\VSTPlugins
    (replace “C:” with the drive letter(s) where you installed Cubase and VST plugins)

3. Below the “Setup VST Plugins” button, there is a list of plugin types (namely VST, VST3, RTAS). Select each of these and tick on each and every plugin you are using, to control it from Automap.

4. In the “Preferences” page, select your device using the drop down menu “Focus Device”.

5. Re-run Cubase (if already running, close it and re-run it)

6. In Cubase, select menu option “Devices”->"Device Setup"

7. Press the “+” button (upper left corner). “Novation Automap” should now appear in the list. If not, Automap has still not been configured (go back to step 1). Select it.

8. “Novation Automap” should be listed under subcaterogy “Remote Devices”. Select it and configure “Midi Input” and “Midi Output” to “Impulse”; also tick “Enable Auto Select”.

9. Select “MIDI Port Setup” from the list. Tick on “Visible” for the following devices: In: Automap MIDI, Out: Automap MIDI.

10. Now open Novation Automap’s “Software Setup” page. The Cubase icon should have been lit with a Green Light.

11. Go back to Cubase 8. Reopen your project and configure your track to use “Impulse” as MIDI Input.

Some of the configuration steps can be adapted to your particular setup, as needed.

Does it work for you?

UPDATE (20/06/2015): A BETA version of Automap now claims to recognise Cubase 8. You may wish to give it a try. Here’s the link:

Hi I have C8 Pro with SL61 MKII and Automap 4.8. The automap software does not pick up the cubase 8 in the config window but it still works for me, just select the last cubase 7 and all is good, well as good as it can be with Automap.

Hi, I’m about to buy Cubase 8 and am also looking to buy the Novation Impulse 25 (or, that was the plan!) Unfortunately because this is my first Cubase since SL 2.0, I can’t use the suggestion by Maas. Has anyone been able to get NI working on C8 at all? If not, what keyboard controllers do work with C8? My budget is under £150, and preferably 25 keys due to space restrictions. Thanks.

Personally I would not purchase Cubase at this time. There are issues (not for all) with vst performance. These issues were not there in 7.5 so If you really feel you want Cubase 8 then if it does not perform as it should you could go back to a previous release. However the main reason for not choosing Cubase or Steinberg is the lack of support. I have reported my issues in two different reports to them, the first one being weeks ago. Absolutely no contact other than the immediate acknowledgment email. I have spent over £2000 on Steinberg software and hardware and as a result of purchasing the latest upgrade which promised greater performance I am left with an under performing system that is now impacting on my love of music. It may seem harsh but I would recommend you stay away for now. Perhaps try the demo of similar packages as well as Cubase 8, see which one works for you best.

Wow! That’s quite damning words! However, I think I will heed them. Seem to hear of problems whenever I am doing searches for stuff for my new set-up. Is Cubase 7 still available? Or, should I be looking for earlier than that (bear in mind, Windows 7 64bit). Mind you, how likely are you to find a sealed copy of an old program nowadays!?

Edit: Actually, that wasn’t that hard. Found Cubase 7 Artist at £244 brand new with elicenser.

So, is Cubase 7 stable? Will Novation Impulse 25 work on that?

For me Cubase 7.5 ran flawlessly for me and my setup. The only real change to my listed setup is I have a UR22. I would hate to think that my problem is the upgrade to the UR44 as this was in parallel with my C8 update.
I wish I new someone with another interface I could try but sadly not.
I think if you look around on Internet you will find new versions of 7.5 for sale.
If you have any issues though don’t expect much if any help from Steinberg.
I think they reply on the forum to do their job for them. Sadly as helpful that the forum is and I have had great help in the past, something’s require the input of the Steinberg guys. Here lies my problem. Good luck.

Maas, are you confirming that Automap for Novation Impulse ran flawlessly from 6 to 7.5? Only reason I ask is because I am being offered a NI 25 at half price. I don’t mind which Cubase I have to buy as long as it works. I will just stick with the NI and whichever Cubase works until I either need a new controller or Steinberg release a more stable program.


Hi guys… I got the information from Novation… they are working on Cubase 8 suport so in couple weeks they should put an update for Automap…

Lol! After all that. Still not sure about buying Cubase 8 after those words from Maas!

Do NOT buy it… at least now… it’s full of bugs… unless you want to spend money on something that is a problematic and have lots of issues… and remember that Steinberg do not have technical suport… only this forum…

I have been scared away from Cubase 8. Am hoping to get a 2nd hand copy of C6. Eventually upgrade my way up to 7.5 (if these upgrades are still around at that point!)

The best way is to install trial and check how’s it working on your system… if you want upgrade to C7.5 you can always upgrade it to C8 and then install 7.5… while waiting for stable C8.

I’m running Version 4.9b2 (available ) and it is working fine on Cubase 8.0.10.

I am also using the 4.9 beta version but there is little or no difference to 4.8. If you follow the work around advice posted earlier it will work. I can’t get it to work with omnisphere but I believe this is omnisphere.

I downloaded 4.9b2 to have the latest version and followed the above workaround instructions. The Impulse 49 is now talking to Cubase and Automap has the green dot next to Cubase 8, but none of the controls seem to be doing what they should, such as the transport controls for example. Is that normal?

do you have the ame problem than me ?
I’m using an iMac 3To Fusion Drive with the maximum of RAM (supposed to be a beast!), plugged to a UAD 2 Firewire, going to my sound card RME Fireface 800 (as asked by Universal Audio to plug … My midi keyboard is the Novation SL61 MK2 and it’s plugged with USB… I’m using many DAW’s as Logic 9 and X, Studio One 2, Ableton Live 9 and Cubase 6, 7, 7.5 & Pro 8.
I’ve added the Automap to all my DAW’s.
There is only one DAW which one I have a seriously BIGGGG problem of latency when I open a new project !!!
My RME buffer is parametered at 512, or 256, or more… whathever… on my Cubase… but if I plug only 1 small vst synth as SYLENTH1 or any other synth (they are all officials), I listen the sound nearly 1 second after having pushed the note of my keyboard.
It’s a pitty because I don’t find any solution to my problem…
And more… Since I’ve upgraded from 7.5 to Pro8, I can’t open my old projects with my old versions :frowning:(((

I can confirm there is NO latency problem on the other DAWs !
I’ve posted it already on the forum


My experience is quite different from what I’m reading in this thread. I used a Novation 61SL MkII with the trial of Cubase 7.5.3 and could not get it to work no matter what I did. I upgraded the trial to 7.5.4 and it worked perfectly.
I then purchased Cubase 8.0.10 and after uninstalling 7.5.4 and installing 8.0.10, I didn’t even have to go through any configuration; everything about the 61SL MkII just works. I’m using Automap 4.8.

I have found an oddity or two with C8, but nothing that would make me rail against it or recommend not buying it. I have found it very stable for what I do (producing music, no video) and I have opened projects from 7.5 with no issues.

FredBaker: I did experience a latency issue, a week ago, when I tried a new plugin. Played note and very late reaction, I unchecked ASIO Guard, restarted and all was fine. I have (re)checked ASIO Guard, since and everything is still fine. Maybe something reset/configured itself? Hope this helps.

“I can’t get it to work with omnisphere but I believe this is omnisphere.”
Indeed Ominsphere requiresbsoe internal mapping to ba able to be controlled by Automap
It works but it’s a pia. You need to check Ominsphere manual for details.
Btw Automap doesn’t seem to work anymore with UAD 8 in Cubase 8.010…Any workaround?
Win 7 64 SP1

Hi Emaraz,

I also wrote to them as soon as Cubase 8 was released and they responded with the same information. If you check when was the last version of Automap released, you will realise they haven’t updated it for over a year!