I can't buy Cubase?

Hello, I don’t understand, I am unable to buy Cubase at all because of an e-commerce insolvency? Can’t you use Shopify or something? I was about to buy Cubase Artist for a new project starting very soon and I’m not familiar with other DAWs. How can I get Cubase when also in Canada no resellers show up? This is a very strange situation.

Yes, the service Steinberg had been using is in trouble.

This affects Updates and Upgrades, which are mainly available only through Steinberg, new licenses can be bought from other retailers if you have access to those who carry it, like guitar center.

Steinberg’s licensing servers are working normally though,.

So you have a couple options.

What makes the most sense is to download the trial version from steinberg.net, which gives you a couple months of use.

Please see this topic and in regard to your trial period, this post in that same topic:

Please continue there, I’ll close this soon to avoid having multiple topics on the subject.

I often buy Cubase from Sweetwater.com - it usually saves me a bit of money since the Canadian Steinberg site seems to charge more for the dollar conversion.

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Did you try Long & McQuade ?
They have various versions listed on their site.

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Is that true, even if you take Canadian fedral and provincial sales taxes into consideration?

It’s always been cheaper for me. I don’t think you get charged tax when there’s no physical delivery. I’m thinking it’s the same with Steinberg. I might be wrong, but either way, it’s always been cheaper for me. Besides, if you need the software now, a few bucks in either direction shouldn’t matter that much.

Get the full version through Splice. Cheap monthly payment that you can pause as needed.

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Hey folks, any other recommendations for Canada and Download? I went through the whole Sweetwater order and in the end they said they couldn’t sell me a license because I’m in Canada and they’re in the US. Anyone from Steinberg can advise as to how I can purchase a download of Cubase in Canada at the moment? The list of Canadian suppliers is blank on your website as well. I’d like to download the software. Thanks.

Thanks can’t seem to find Cubase Artist on there though? Is this Splice site legit?

Splice is legit.
Also, I quickly googled and found Tom Lee Music. Don’t know if that is any good, greetings from Europe.

Ah thanks, yeah found a bunch of boxed versions to ship, I’ve just been wanting to start using it yesterday so looking for a download version. Maybe I will give Splice a try.

You can call a store and ask them if they will ship a box or if they will rather send a download access code via email.

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Hi Steve,

Is there an ability to trial the Artist version? It seems I can only trial LE or Pro. I don’t want to create anything that will eventually be incompatible with an Artist license. Thanks let me know.

Pro and Artist have the same application, you can switch between them by holding down the opt/alt key while launching.


Oh ok so if I should download the Pro trial but press ALT when launching it to choose Artist?

yes indeed