I want to use expression maps with midi channels. Can I have more than 16 articulations?

Hello, I am building expression maps based on midi channels. For exemple, for my CSS violins 1, there is more than 16 articulations. Can I have an expression maps that have each one of those articulation linked to a midi channel.

Kontakt allow me to load 16x4 instruments. But if I create a midi track in cubase, I can onnly set 16 channels

Each MIDI port offers 16 channels. That is the MIDI standard and there is nothing that Cubase can change about it.
So, you need to use several MIDI ports if you want to expand the channel count.

but is it possible to use several midi ports and but still have one master midi track for violins 1 that control all articulations from a first kontakt port 1 (1-16) and a second kontakt port 2 (1-16) ??

Any MIDI or Instrument track in Cubase can be assigned to one port maximum. For 4*16 channels you would need 4 tracks.

If the library lets you select Articulations via Keyswitchs then typically you can use a single instance of the Instrument to play X different Articulations. If you add a 2nd instance and put it on MIDI Channel 2 you get another X. Another instance on Channel 3 gives you 3X.

Here is how I set up something similar for Session Horns Pro which has 9 Articulation ‘Slots’ but a total of 16 Articulations. So the first 9 Articulations are on Channel 1 while Articulations 10-16 are on Channel 2.


That’s clever. Wait I am dumb. I didn’t think about mixing channel number with a standard midi message. So that way I can group the articulations that have the same predelay latency in the same kontakt patch. For exemple in css all the shorts have 60 ms, I can group them in one midi channel and have multiple articulations directing to that midi channel with different cc58 message to trigger staccato, spiccato etc.

clever !!!

Do you think it’s also possible to have one articulation sending the message to 2 midi channel at the same time ? I am thinking about a “legato ON” “legato OFF” type of thing for CSS so that I don’t create redundant articulations such as “marcato” “marcato legato” “long” “long legato” “tremolo” “tremolo legato” etc .

I’m not an expert on Expression Maps, but I think you need to make all the combos.

This can make it easier.