Import song project are not saved

But did you try “File/Import Media Project” instead of “Song/Import Song Project” then??

Yes, both have the same results.
In fact the tracks are saved but not the content.

Ok, so

  • Cubase: export (as you showed)
  • do you move any files now? Don’t.
  • Import in VST Live via File/Import Media Project
  • works every time here

If it still doesn’t for you, may we ask you to send us the Cubase file (.cpr), no other files needed. But let me repeat: it can only work if you don’t move any files between export and import.

  • I export from cubase,
  • I move anything,
  • I import from file/Import Media or Song/Import project,
  • everything I want is imported correctly
  • I save
  • I open the project
  • the tracks are still there, but not the content

Save at the same location?
Try Save Archive (and open where you saved the archive), does that work?

Could not reproduce this anymore with the upcoming version (1.0.42), should it still fail then, pls. let us know, thanks!

There is no problem with “save Archive”. There is the track with the audio.

But with the same project, if I import a new song with audio and I use “normal” save, and then I open the archive project, the audio is lost.

So to save the audio, I always need to use “save archive”

So…the project you are loading, and which does not show the waveform, does it have a folder alongside of it labeled “audio”? If so, is your audio file in there?
If not, I suspect the audio file is really in the Cubase project folder. If so, it would be great if you could send the vlprj file that fails to load the audio, thanks.

Indeed, there is no “audio” folder. So that’s the issue.
So I tried some cases.

  • Create a new project => does not create “audio” folder
  • “Save” a project => does not create “audio” folder
  • “Save as” => does not create “audio” folder
  • “Save Archive” => CREATE AN “AUDIO” FOLDER
  • File/Import media project => does not create “audio” folder
  • File/Import audio file => does not create “audio” folder
  • Song/Import song project (track only) => does not create “audio” folder
  • Adding new audio track (track view) => does not create “audio” folder
  • “Import” button (track view) => CREATE AN “AUDIO” FOLDER

Asset folders are created when an asset (audio, midi, video etc) is written for the first time.

It refers to an existing file then.

Correct, and it tells you so explicitly (tracks only - which is to say “no assets”).

As said, no need because there are no assets yet.

Should be the same as with file menu, will check.

Then the project should point to the original file (probably where your Cubase project is). If you moved it, it cannot find it. If you did not, we would really love to see the vlprj file to check why it fails.

I don’t move the folder. That’s why it is strange.

ah sorry, that’s the one you already sent…will check right now.

hmmm, there is an audio file with a very strange name, starting with “basse” and then some strange character and then " (D).wav", which might cause difficulties…what is that name exactly?

I don’t move the folder. That’s why it is strange.

should be simply “basse 1 (D)”

Sorry, I was mistaken. Need to reproduce this here. It looks to me like a filename problem.

Same filename structure (with space, and numbers)? Will check tomorrow, thanks again for your patience.

It creates a “audio” folder but the tracks are still empty after save/open.

I tried different combination but still have an issue even with the audio folder with all the assets

Found something related, so pls check again with the upcoming version. But that doesn’t really make sense, so let me ask: when you export from Cubase, is there a message “Exporting binaries”, and if so, does it last a while? That is when it is supposed to copy audio files etc to the destination (assuming that is different from the Cubase project - which is not recommended).

@magicguigui @musicullum

The Problem described in this Thread is Almost exactly What happened to us and we describe here at Point 3. thought it might be helpful to Connect those Infos / Threads for further Investigation .

Our Source Material is/was everytime in the original cubase „Audio“ folder and was Never Moved before, after or while using the „Export to vst live“ Feature from within cubase.

We have the feeling that there might be an issue with „linear vs nonlinear“ source footage?
At least re-Rendering all Audio Material to Full Length Source Audio Files is What Instantly made the Audio Files Stick on our vst live project and Werent lost / empty for Almost a week and Dozens of project Save Intervalls now :crossed_fingers:

Thank you!
So you have audio files from different locations, but with the same file name?
If not, let me ask a few more questions:

The question here is if there are audio files in said folder, because…

So i repeat that question. But if it is because of multiple audio files with the same file name, the exporter will fix that with the next version.

absolute correct. we fixed it totay superficial and in the aftermath by renaming the mixed up files from orignal e.g. guitar.wav/folderSong1 and guitar.wav/folderSong2 ← to → guitar.wav/folder1 and guitar**_b**.wav/folder2 . now we dont get any more mixed up / wrong loaded tracks across the songs

Great. As Micha pointed out it will be fixed soon.

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