Import Tempo track and signature track from cubase

hello, how to import tempo and signature track from cubase, also with retenutos, etc.

Although tempo and signature track in VSTLive is currently:

  • is way to time-consuming work with (needs all your nerves),
  • importing “Cubase exported tempo track file” is not recognised for importing,
  • or extracting tempo/signature from MIDI / WAV files are not happening either

there is one way to import tempo from Cubase: selecting export your song to VST Live destination (new dropdown menu item in Cubase). It seems, this extra dowpdown element is only avaiable on computer where VSTLive is also installed. (I can’t see “Export to VSTLive” dropdown on my workstation, where VSTLive isn’t installed. But menu item appears on my laptop’s Cubase where VSTLive is also installed).

I really hope tempo track will be smart in the future, but until this developent happens, try to Export to VSTLive from your Cubase (on the same computer).

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… yes, when VST Live is installed, you will find a new entry in the Cubase File menu.

In the dialog select the tracks you want to export

… and do an export as a “Media Project”.

Finally, in VST Live select “Import Media Project” to import your tracks.

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… give us some feedback, please. What’s missing?


Hi @Spork ,
my preferences in order, they would be more then welcome:

  1. option/ability asking user whether to import [tempo + time signature] at the moment when importing MIDI/WAV(if nfo embeded). Mostly DAWs default feature years ago and is very very handy :slight_smile:

  2. allow me to draw (pencil) to the tempo track. Also ability to draw ramps also.

  3. accept Cubase exported tempo track file for import (I’ve tried a few weeks ago and wasn’t recognised as a valid importable file)

I wrote about things above in a topic in Mar 24., but I guess it wasn’t a great idea I didn’t created separated feature reqs that time. I’m sorry merging multiple thoughts/feature reqs here:

VST Live has lot’s of extended possiblilties if right tempo track is set (Comparing to e.g. Cymatic Audio Live Player where multitrack wav simply comes out). Things smart things above would save time by avoid the need for recreating [tempo track + time sign] from scratch (if import-selected midi/wav contains theese nfo).

I’m looking forward and thank you for your intensive work on the app!

Hi @fkalmus

… import Tempo-Track from a MIDI file is in the making. But import Tempo from a WAV File chunk would only make sense when the host can stretch the WAV file, or?

… they are already on the Request list.

… oh, I see. I’ll add it to the Feature list. Good one.

See you,

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… sorry, sometimes we miss to answer to a request or a problem. A lot of traffic is here. If me something, please bump it to the top of the forum.

I’ve answered now to your other thread.

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Just a real life situation from my experience: There are songs in musicians repertoaire with stems that are made on Logic, Reaper, ProTools, Cubase, etc… they usually contain tempo and time signature infos nowadays. While sometimes project files are archived far away to export at least one bulk midi lane for tempo+sign info.

Here comes the magic: as the same as importing with midi file, importing audio makes the magic also (only if tempo nfo embeded to the WAV file).

New song in VST Live:
drag n drop my stems
“you want to import tempo also?”
YES dear VSTLive! :slight_smile:
Hit PLAY song with all the advanced things that VSTLive can give with corresponding time+sign track.

I hope I could explain it in a simple term :slight_smile:

But you are right, time stretching is a great DAW feature - maybe I’m too conservative - but not meant to use it with VSTLive currently. I know musicians they use Ableton for live and use stretching as TAP tempo, personally I’m not playing that sort of music.