Importing .ALL files

Is there a way to open old .ALL files ?
(I tried with a midi export, but I’m loosing the tempo track…)

You should be able to get the tempo track into the general midi file. I’ve done this with ProTools many times - since SX3 that is. But you haven’t given us much info!

To answer the main question, the way to import .all files is to go through SX3. Load (import?) the .all file, save as .cpr. You will lose some things though but not the tempo map I think.

If you have Cb6 then this includes a licence for SX3 for free just for this purpose, and you can download SX3 from the Steinberg website somewhere. I’m not 100% sure which Cb6 versions include SX3 tho, check the support pages.


The .ALL files come from the Atari version of Cubase (I have also PRO24 files but I guess I can do nothing with them…)

I did the export to midi file with Cubase VST 5.1.

I have a license for Cubase Artist 6. I will check if I can get the version you’re speaking about. Thanks for the tip.

Witrh cubase Artist 6 you can run Cubase SL 3 download here:

Blimey, blast from the past!

Thanks a lot.
No pb to have the two versions installed on the same machine ?

Please anybody could confirm that I can install Cubase Artist 6 & Cubase SL3 on the same computer without breaking anything in the config ?

I can’t confirm but I’ve got SX3, Cb5 and Cb6 all installed, they install into different directories, no probs. I think that will also happen with SL3 and Artist6. But that’s just an assumption! AFAIK it’s always been the case that different versions of Cubase can co-exist. If there’s no moderator reply here then try raising a specific thread to get attention, or try Steinberg support.


Anyway, I didn’t succeed in installing SL3…
I get an error message when launching setup.exe which says “there is a processus blocking the intallation”…

I ran into the same problem with SX and got help in this thread:

Thanks to you for the tip.
I’ll try…
Hoping that I wont break anythong…

I used this method and the installation worked properly.
Unfortunately SL3 crashes every time you launch it :frowning:
(I just get the splash screen)

As far as I can see, it seems that the crash occurs when the mp3 plugin is loaded…
Does anybody get this issue ?
At this time I have still no way to import my old .ALL files in Cubase artist 6 :frowning:

I’d suggest you raise another thread for the crash, or call the support line? That way you’d get some specific attention.

On the subject of importing/converting your files, if you need a quick result then I’ve got VST5, SX3, Cb5 and Cb6 all installed across 3 different PCs and I’d be happy to help by converting. I’ve even got the floppy driver which reads Atari disks if that’s an issue - I did the very same thing a couple of years back for someone else straight from their Atari disks. Hmm, I have the Atari in the atic too, but best not go there!!


One thing possibly worth noting: when I imported some old Atari Cubase files via Cubase VST5 into SX3 a few years ago, I found that there were some parameters that didn’t get imported into SX3. I can’t remember what they all were, but, IIRC, some were part-related (eg volume?), which, in the Atari/VST5 files could be set per MIDI part, but which had no corresponding item in the SX3 cpr files.

Depending on your purposes, that might not matter at all, of course.

Yeah, it’s never plain sailing. I think I got the best results from exporting as a midi file from VST5 rather than going the .cpr route - but it’s all a bit hazy! Also I recall twiddling about with a .ARR file too because .ALL file caused trouble… Suffice to say there were a few different ways of doing it and they all produced different results.


Thanks a lot Mike, you offer is very generous. My problem is that I have a LOT :frowning: (hundreds…)
They really comme from the Atari version. I can open them under wine under ubuntu (!) in Cubase VST 5.
But if I export to midi, I loose the tempo track…
Ok, I write every tempo change on a piece of paper, but … :wink:
I will follow your advice and open a new thread for the “bug”…