Is it just me? Can't get used to the new Forum

I found the old forum better visually. This is a mess.

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I just need to retrain myself to use a new forums but as I’ve discovered it is a step forward so nice job Steinberg!
And thank you that you helped to investigate Discourse and opened it to me :slight_smile:


Apparently a new post now has to contain at least 15 characters. So ‘Agreed’ or ‘+1’ are no longer valid!

So ‘+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1’ is valid. Is that better?

Also, quoting is very difficult on my Android tablet.

Perhaps I should give up using the forum and address everything directly to Steinberg as support requests.

The forum used to be easy and logical to use. Now it is a frustrating nightmare.

yes - although the ‘like’ button is supposed to represent both these responses - it’s worth taking a look at the documentation if you want to get the best from discourse.

As @Dr.Strangelove says, “liking” a post is a much better way than replying with “+1”.

If you’re having difficulties with quoting on Android tablets, could you PM me the steps to reproduce the issue and I can pass that onto the folks at Discourse to investigate. I’ve found them to be extremely helpful and responsive in fixing any issues that we pick up.

Wow! This is the first time I have started a thread that has lasted as long as this. I guess I struck a nerve. I am getting used to the new style. I don’t get the endless page, as it can be difficult to find where you last posted. I expect someone to tell me I am wrong. Perhaps Steve will set the Discobot on me and lobotomise my music?

Hello, I am Disco Bot. I hope I have correctly understood your request.

Congratulations, all your tunes are now move to disco beat. This action cannot be undone. :flushed:

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I have been listening to some of my tunes. A definite improvement has been noticed. Please note that there will be no royalty negotiations. I am the sole copyright owner, so I am issuing a cease and desist notice.

Hello, I am Disco Bot. I hope I have correctly understood your request.

Yes, squeeze and be kissed

Ahh Soo Sweet that Disco Queen.

To each its own I guess…

MattiasNYC, I don’t come here so often but since the old forum version, I am under the impression that you repeatedly come after my posts about diverse topics. Maybe it’s me, but I am starting to feel uncomfortable about this.

I understand that you spend a lot of time in here and have a lot to say about many topics so I am writing this in the most respectful and polite way : please, I would appreciate if you stay away from my posts.


My reply was sincere and on-topic and respectful. If you can’t live with people having a different opinion than you then stay away from social interaction.

And ‘no’, I absolutely am not targeting you nor your posts. Quite frankly I don’t even recall who you are and what you do, as opposed to some other people I respond to far less (presumably(?)).

I see a post. Sometimes I reply. That’s it. Don’t make something that isn’t personal, personal.

Put me on ignore.

Hi Ben,

It is mainly that as soon as I try to select something from a dropdown list (Tags for example) the virtual keyboard appears over the top of everything and it is very fiddly to make a selection from a list that is mostly covered up.

This never happened with the previous forum which was much, much nicer and easier to use.

With this new one there is far too much wasted space, it is too complicated to use, and nobody cares about all the Badges and Stats (topics read, read time, current read time etc). It is just a waste of time.

We can no longer see a person’s signature when trying to help them without clicking on an avatar and then expanding.

We can no longer go directly from the forum to (to buy stuff!).

The above all relates to Mobile mode on my Nexus-7 tablet. In Desktop mode it is far worse.

Just because something can be programmed it does not mean that anyone wants or needs it.

And the white background is not very nice.

Best regards,


Simplicity is much beter tha

Hi Ben,

I think that the main problem with accessing the new forum on my Android Nexus-7 tablet is the fact that when trying to make a selection from the two dropdowns at the top of of the forum (where I can select Nuendo, and then Nuendo-11) is the fact that both of those options also provide a ‘Search’ option. As soon as that appears, the tablet opens the virtual keyboard and this covers most of the screen, making it very difficult to scroll to the item I want (Nuendo-11 for example. Even when selecting the small keyboard mode it still gets in the way.

These two dropdowns do not have many items on them so a ‘search’ facility is not really necessary.

A solution to this problem could be to not have the ‘Search’ boxes when in Mobile View, or perhaps make them a user option so that they could be turned off.

Best regards,

Fenderchris. Chris Palmer.

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Hi Chris,

Which version of Android is your Nexus 7 running? I tried this on a Galaxy Tablet emulator with a recent version of android and the dropdown resized nicely when the virtual keyboard opened.

The other option is to use the search to reduce the list to a few items making it easier to select. I’d also highly recommend bookmarking your favourite categories to jump directly to them.


I hate Discourse and have basically stopped reading Steinberg forums since the switch. No ‘mark as read’? Whitespace infatuation instead of information. Magical UI everywhere. Just a terrible experience. Blech.

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hi Rich

I’m genuinely disappointed that you don’t prefer it over the previous forum. I agree there is a lot of wasted space but there are lots of things that are better.

You’re right - there is no ‘mark as read’ but I think the new system is better - some info from @Ben_at_Steinberg here:

It was a bit of a shock to the system when we moved but I now think it’s vastly superior…and I’m not saying that as silly exaggeration. The new format means it’s seems a bit friendlier and less ‘moany’ too.

There is no going back so I would respectfully suggest that you stick around and give it a try. You may change your mind like I, and many others, have. If not then at least you’ve given it a go.

Hi Ben,

Android v.6.01. it can’t be changed.

The best solution for me would be if the two search box controls could be turned on/off by the user. Who needs a search box for so few items?


Hi Ben,

Why do the search boxes appear when I click on the left or right dropdowns at the top of the forum page in Mobile view?

See attached pic.

This is why it is so hard to use the forum on my tablet.

I does not happen on my desktop PC. All I get on the PC are the dropdown lists - no ‘search’ boxes.

All the bes,

fenderchris. Chris Palmer.

actually the design is quite nice

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