Is it just me? Can't get used to the new Forum

Wow - I’m in awe of your patience trying to use any website which involves inputting text in landscape orientation on an 8 year-old tablet with such a small screen. It must be like trying to view the Internet through a letterbox.

It looks a bit more usable in portrait mode on my Nexus 7.

Hi Ben,

That’s as may be, but I rarely use portrait mode. All the mags I read, and sites I look at, work well in Landscape mode, including the old Steinberg forums.

The Nexus’s case allows it to be easily propped up in landscape mode, which can not be said for Portrait mode.

It is the ‘Search’ boxes that are causing the problem. As soon as the tablet detects an active search box it opens the virtual keyboard on top of everything, as you saw.

I still don’t see the point of having the Search boxes - there are never going to be dozens or hundreds of entries in these forum lists. If they can be made optional - problem solved.




Not to mention all laptops and PCs work in landscape. Don’t get me started about mobile phones! So many users can’t be bothered to post moving images in landscape. Grrr.

There’s currently no setting that I can see to make them optional, so it would be a code change to Discourse itself. I’d be interested to see what they said if you raised the topic on the Discourse feature request page.

I just tried this again in landscape mode and the on-screen keyboard can be easily dismissed with the little down triangle button.

What little down triangle button?

There isn’t one on the virtual keyboard and I can’t see one on the forum itself.

Is he referring to this?

Quite possibly,but that does not exist on the virtual keyboard on my Android Nexus7 tablet.

It’s not part of the keyboard, it’s one of the soft buttons provided by the OS- the back button, I believe. When the keyboard is open, it closes it, leaving the page alone.

You are right! Thanks, that helps.

I was not aware of that.

Normally that arrow seems to just step back entire web pages. I did not know that it would clear the virtual keyboard as well.

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I hear you- even after years of using that, I still wonder nervously what it’ll do this time when I tap.

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