Is it possibile to change CC 121 from Track Quick Controls to focus Quick Controls?

Hi, since I’ve got the Steinberg CC 121 a few years ago I’m using it for Quick Controls in Cubase; with Cubase 12 now we have Focused Quick Controls and I thought I could continue to use the CC121 for this but apparently not, it seems that the CC 121 is always on track quick control mode and doesn’t follow the quick controls focus.
Does someone know if there’s a solution to this?

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I’m sorry, this is unfortunately not possible.

Thanks for your reply Martin, so the only solution would be to deactivate the CC 121 from the remote control section and create a new MIDI Remote script for it that will recreate is normal behavior with the only difference that the encoders will be used for focused quick controls, right?


Yes, it seems so. I would recommend to remove the cc121_extension_u.bundle from the components.

Mac: system/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components/
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Components/ (Probably… Sorry, I don’t have Windows system here.)

If you wouldn’t do so, Cubase would use the auto-detection and put the CC121 back to the Remote Device during the next start.

Oh that’s a great tip, thanks again

Check this, maybe it helps

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Thanks Marco, I actually already saw this, that’s where I got the idea that I could write a remote script to do this :wink:
I’m so used to the way the CC121 works that I’m a little hesitant to modify it’s MIDI capabilities, and I use the encoder for the sends every day, I just wished it could work as a focus quick control unit, but I’ll just have to experiment with it. So you disabled the CC 121 from the Remote Setups and removed the CC 121 extension as Martin suggested, right?

No, I just use the Midi Remote on top of the CC121 core functionality. You can select the CC121 on the Midi Remote in parallel to the studio settings and overwrite the knobs. However, as soon as you overwrite them, you “loose” their native functionality.

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That’s interesting, since I only would like to overwrite the Top 8 encoders that are used for quick controls, I’ll give it a try

It doesn’t work for me, as soon as I create a new MIDI Remote with the Steinberg CC 121 ports as input and output all of the CC 121 controls stop working and I can use them only through the assignment I make on the MIDI Remote page. I’m on PC, are you on Mac or PC btw? Maybe this has to do with MIDI ports on the PC not being multi-client?

I checked it on my side and removed all MIDI Remote Scripts. Created a new one with the big plus-sign button. Defined 8 encoders with sends 1…8. It does work in parallel to the rest of the CC121. I’m on Windows 10. I have attached my script here. (2.7 KB)

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It works, thanks a lot!!! I don’t know what I was doing wrong but I now can use both the native function of the CC 121 and the MIDI Remote functions together. I’ve reassigned the 8 knobs to the Focus Quick Controls, since the send are available in the bottom encoders with the native functions. The only problem I have with this is that, if the Quick Control is of the switch type, like a bypass button, I have to turn the encoder quite a lot to toggle it, while in the native CC 121 implementation it only takes a single click of the encoder to turn the switch in the opposite state. I think this is a bug, or a limitation, of the MIDI remote implementation since, given that this are relative encoders, a single value up or down should be sufficient to change the state of a switch

I noticed the same. It’s quite unfortunate. They handle all parameters with values starting from 0.0 to 1.0 in a continuous way. They then scale the parameters into that range. For buttons: Off = 0.0, On = 1.0. A single click of the encoder inc/dec the value by 1/128th… yes, you turn a lot to go from 0.0 to 1.0 to switch it on. Same for lists, like Pre Filter Slope…I mentioned it already and hope they can improve this for incremental encoders in a next release. @Jochen_Trappe : please :slight_smile:

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Yes quite unfortunate, the only solution for now would be to have a controller with 8 encoders and 8 switch and map both an encoder and a switch to the same Focus Quick control, so you’ll use the switch when it’s an on/off parameter and the encoder when it’s a continuous one, not a really practical solution, so please Steinberg fix it

Thanks so much for posting this! I’m on a Mac and the script loads, but doesn’t work as expected – won’t control a focus quick control (plugin). Works fine on track quick controls.