is there any way to undo multiple, multiple steps at once?

I messed up and forgot to re-title and re-save as a new file a new Dorico project such that after working on the new piece, the original file it was replacing was lost after subsequent saves/revisions using the same file name. Now it seems like the only way I might be able to recover the original separately would be if I could restore to a previous version of the same Dorico session. Presuming you don’t yet have “undo history”: is there some other magical way I could go back hundreds of steps to recover the original file? (right now I’m pathetically hitting undo hundreds of times, but is there an undo limit (or a better way in light of my mistake?) Thanks for any urgent help!

  • D.D.

[AN UPDATE]: I miraculously managed to recover the original file by undoing probably thousands of steps. IS there a limit on Dorico’s UNDO steps? And are there plans for a proper “Undo History” (like they have in programs like Logic Pro) so I could have gone to the earlier saves directly? (of course, in the future I’ll also remember to re-title the file!)

  • D.D.

Dorico’s automatically create backup project, in a specific folder

Yes - I checked there but it only had the last 5 or so saved files - I needed to go back to one saved hours before.

You can change your Preferences to save as many previous backup versions as you like. The default number is 5.

And in about a week or so, one can set auto-backups as one wishes.

The undo list is a feature that has already been asked for (and it will probably be very useful once it’s there).

It would be helpful to have a whole list like in CUBASE.

Is it possible?

It’s not currently possible, but it’s something we plan to add in future.