Issue: All audio silences at a specific time on playback. Midi still plays OK

Issue: All audio silences but not showing muted at a specific time (5:58:00) on playback. Meanwhile Midi still plays. All works OK as long as I never reach 5:58:00 on playback.
Note that returning to the beginning of the song does not bring the audio back.

There are no events, beats, cuts, midi notes, etc. that I could find at the moment of silence.

After this happens, viewing a file in the Pool locks the program requiring Force Quit.

Also, simply closing/unloading the project locks requiring Force Quit.

Tried - Reboot Cubase deactivating 3rd party plugins and preferences. Same Issue.
No issues with this project in 12.

Apple M1 Pro - Ventura 13.5.2 (22G91)

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Is your drive formated as ExFAT, by any chance?

It’s formatted as APFS.


So is it different from this and this report then?

Different in that it does not insert silence on any audio tracks. Once the silence hits, the whole song is missing all audio tracks on playback all the way back to the beginning. The Pool won’t play a clip either, after this happens. Perhaps the project loses where the audio files are located?? Let me know if you have anything you want me to try. Thanks.


So you can see the waveforms.

All Audio Tracks are silent, but not MIDI (do you mean, the MIDI has been sent out to an External Instrument?). Do you use Instrument Tracks? Are they silent?

Could you try to click the Deactivate All Mute States button (even if the button is grey)?

How do the meters look like?

Yes - All waveforms look OK. The Addictive Drums instrument track is the only track that continues to play and it’s the only Instrument Track in the project. I Deactivated all Mute States but this did not bring the audio back.
Other notes:
I opened the project and then immediately saved as new from 13. After closing Cubase 13 and reopening with the new project copy, the exact issue is still present.
Also noted: I can open and close/unload the project without any issue as long as I never let it play past 5:58:00. As soon as I play past this point, I have to Force Quit to exit.

More Info: I went back to old versions of the project. The exact same issue exists for the past 7 versions, but versions older work OK. The main difference between working and non-working revisions I believe was that I was doing heavy Warp editing on the version that does not work. Maybe some tuning as well.

FOUND! VariAudio - 2 notes that were corrected at exactly the time of the error have vertical lines that extend all the way to the top of the scale (C8). If I remove this single pitch correction, the problem goes away.
I went back to version 12 and the same weird vertical lines exist on that note but it does not cause any issue with play.



Did you make any VariAudio changes? Or could you reset the VariAudio?

(Before hitting play) I dragged the Correct Pitch from 85% to Zero on that one note. The vertical lines go away and the song plays as normal.

Experiment: I slowly moved the Correct Pitch back up. All works OK up to 49% Pitch Correction. At 50%, the vertical lines appear and the audio drops out on ALL audio channels requiring Force Quit to exit.
So in summary - One Pitch corrected note is causing the issue. The vertical line appear at 50% pitch correction in both Version 12 and 13. The difference is that 12 appears to handle the note without incident.

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OK - I think I isolated the issue in V13 (MAC M1). Appreciate in anyone can verify.
Issue traced to split notes with VariAudio.
(see screenshot)
1.) create a simple project with a single 1 second of audio.
2.) Doulbeclick on audio clip and open VariAudio and click Edit VariAudio (analyzes clip). Press play and all is good. (Closing Cubase at this point works OK)
3.) Pick a note and split it. A vertical line appears in the middle of the note.
4.) Play it. Audio drops out when it hits the split.
5.) Try to close/unload project or close Cubase - It will lock Cubase requiring Force Quit.
Thanks - Jim W

This does not occur in V12. The issue is that a V12 project with a split VariAudio note may lock in V13.


Isn’t this the issue, when you split the VariAudio for the “non-pitchable” area (like a breath or ssss, or any sound like this) by any chance?

I’m not familiar with that one but it could be related. In any case, the split only crashes V13. V12 OK.

UPDATE: This issue only crashes C13 in Native (Apple Silicon) mode. Works OK with Rosetta 2.

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