Issue VST Connect SE can't receive Performer's video


I am working on VST connect SE (Latest version) inside Cubase 12, and planning to pay for a Pro version in oder to record and teach my students Online.
There is one issue I am facing: I can’t receive the Cam signal from VST Performer. Whatever I choose, the screen is always in black. I tried to delete (then restored since I see it didn’t solve the issue) preference file.
The other chat app is working at the same time. Such ass facebook messenger. I have to use it instead. But I don’t want to.
Anyone face the similar issue? I was working well on Version 4 as I remember.
Please teach me if there is a solution.

Thank you family, hope you all a nice weekend.

We’d need to know more specifics about the Performer System. I take that you know how to set his video input (settings/cogwheel). Does the Performer see his own cam? What cam is it? Did you try to send screen share instead? Etc, we need mor details. The video input section has not changed since version 4 so it’s hard to tell w/o many more details.

Hi Musicullum,
My apologise I was out working for a few days and continued my Online session today, so I replied a bit late.
Since the video setting of VST Connect is very simple, I take some screenshots to give you more details.
I didn’t try sending screen share.
The performer did see their camera working while I just saw a black, with my own camera at the below right corner.

We are fine to make a video call during the session, but it should be much better if VST connect can handle video itself.
Another information: my system is Macbook Pro 2019 i7. Cubase Pro 12. All software a licensed and up-to-date.
Looking forward to your reply,

Thank you.

That is strange indeed. One explanation would be if Performer runs any other video conferencing at the same time, pls. don’t do that. In fact, make sure to not even run a browser or any other internet-intense application on either end!

If this still doesn’t solve the problem, you might try that nevertheless, so we can see if VST Connect Performer has a problem with the cam, or with sending video in general.

I have a similar problem.
It doesn’t matter which side I’m on, host or performer, my video won’t transfer!
I’m on Win 10 21 H2 Pro. I can see my video preview in the window bottom right (whether performer or host) but my partner can’t! It worked the last time (before installing Cubase 12 Pro, but also with VST Connect Pro 5.5.4) without any problems!
I also tested it with two PCs in the LAN. With my main computer, the video transmission is not possible, no matter whether performer or host, with the test computer the video is transmitted in both cases! So it’s obviously a setting in Windows that’s wrong on my main PC. But I couldn’t find a Windows setting that would be different in the computers…?
This is all very confusing…
Maybe someone has an idea which setting I should check?

As an addition, in Skype (or similar apps) my video is transmitted without any problems!

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Hi Musicullum,
Tried to get the screen share from Performer, no luck.
We were working with just only Vst Connect before we had to make a video call to see each other.
I asked my students to check their computer’s camera permission, and they showed me Vst Connect Performer was on the list and checked.
I see that @Cubase-Erklaerbaer has similar issue and he is working on a Windows system, same to my student’s. May this issue happen while transferring video from Win to Mac? Or it maybe an issue of Windows’s permission?
The SE doesn’t allow working with local network, so it is hard to figure out myself.
Hope you still follow this case.
Thank you.

Could you pls both of you let us know what your transmission rate is in either case (cogwheel/Video Upstream)? We never had a problem with video transmission, and as you see your own camera, it is obviously not an issue with the cam. Also just to make sure you are actually connected in the failing case, so audio and sync works? Are all LEDs in the VST Connect plugin showing green? Any detail helps, as we never had a problem with video transmission so far.


I attached the screenshot showing the green lights, showing that upstream signal is well.
The performer can see both my camera and their camera.
I can record audio in perfect quailty (128kbps) with the default Latency (1.5s)
This is weird. I worked on Cubase and many other audio/video software for many years, also fixed many setting issues myself. But this case, there is nothing more to handle.
I am asking my students to bring their computer to my studio next week, hope I will have more details for this case.
By the way, I am so sorry getting back late. I am too busy these days outside my studio, please don’t mind.

Thank you Musicullum and Cubase-Erklaerbaer.

Truly weird.
I only see now that you had already showed screenshots, sorry that I missed that.
Everything looks just right, so running out of ideas.
It would be great if you could make more tests. I see you are using the SE version, so you can’t make a local test. That might also be a problem when testing with your students, as you cannot connect within your local network when using the SE version. Tethering over smartphone should work, though.

Hello, I have the same issue.
impossible to have the customer’s video feedback, everything is well configured on all sides.
Whether on Windows or Mac any version confused.
on the other hand, for their part, customers with VST performer have no problem with Video feedback