Izotope RX Connect issues

lately i have been having some issues using RX connect with offline processing. I often times select more than one clip to process with connect.
The first time it normally works as expected, but if i need to go a second round with the same clips selected, the clips will either be silent or misplaced within their respective segments. Anyone else experiencing this or am I simply trying to save too much time? :slight_smile:


Just did two shows on Nuendo v8 / RX v7 and yes, saw the exact same thing. I basically have to hit undo a couple of times which brings me back to RX, I switch manually to Nuendo, ‘bounce’ the selection into a new file and then send it over again.

Not great.

Same thing here.
Got used to it and working around it.
Either copy clips and bounce selection or make a real copy and then make all permanent.

Yeah, I do the same thing now. It took me a while to get used to. If I undo the second stage, the first round of RX is also undone.
That’s frustrating and makes it difficult to match work already done on a scene. In a dream world RX would remember every process and enable changes to be done at any time!

To me it’s not so much that RX forgets what happened, I get that that’s the case with connect… I mean, it seems logical from a technical perspective. What I don’t really get though is why Nuendo would end up shifting audio, leaving part of it blank, or whatever.

My hunch, which could be wrong, is that something gets screwed up with the reference to files, perhaps through problems with naming or unique identifiers.

I’m now having intermittent issues with events not transferring back properly with the “new” version essentially being the same as the old. Accidentally hitting “apply” twice resends the old unprocessed version back into RX where all the work done gets deleted in the tab.

So I just lost like 10-15 minutes on a very noisy passage in RX due to this.

Don’t start the ‘it’s all iZotope’s fault’ posts until I have my popcorn ready…

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This. I have this happen frequently. Or sometimes I undo one too many times (undoing RX Connect add/modify) & have to start over on my edit. I’d love some sort of enhancement to improve this workflow.

I just typed a detailed overview of the initial problem with RX, but then I saw Oliver Lucas’ post …
And decided to let it rest. Been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt.


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You can only RX Connect one clip at a time for it to consistently work. It’s a drag when it’s a complicated edit, so I duplicate the edited clip group (leaving head and tail if I need to Learn noise), bounce the dupes to one file, then process that. You can also round robin it through the pool and process the whole unedited clip.

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I’m having the same issues :frowning:

Seriously wish this would be fixed (don’t really mind how or by who). Without a proper RX Connect workflow I’m leaning back onto ProTools and nobody wants that!

Also - can anyone answer why the audiosuite RX modules (most notably Dialogue Isolate and Dialogue De-Reverb) don’t show up as direct offline processes?

I asked izotope about that lately considering the purchase of rx 8 but still modules aren’t available as DOP in Nuendo. They said because of the huge CPU load these Plug-Ins cause…to me that’s not really comprehensible cause why would it take less CPU Power in Pro Tools than in Nuendo? It’s more likely that Pro Tools is meant to be kept in a slighly better position but write to izotope - you’ll always get response and if many want to have dialogue isolate/de-rustle/dialogue de-reverb as a DOP then maybe they’ll start programing :wink:

What a pile of bull****.
CPU is CPU, no matter if Nuendo, PT, Reaper or Pornhub is running.
Secondly, during an offline process, CPU- performance is a non-issue.
Even if you would only have the smallest amount of CPU power, it will just take longer to process.



8.1 is out which fixes some Nuendo/Cubase RX Connect issues.

Agreed. I suppose that’s based on the assumption, that VST (3) plugins are always realtime processes, while AudioSuite is a plugin format specifically tailored to offline processes. However, VST 3 plugins can provide special support for offline (non-realtime) processing as well, as this information is provided by the API (if called on export or in DOP). So the excuse by iZ is a bit lame.


I’m not able to get Connect working with Nuendo 11 and Izotope 8. After sending to RX, running processes, and sending back, I hit ‘Apply’ and it sends it back to RX afresh. I can’t see any way to get the processed audio to be accepted by Nuendo. What am I missing?

Looks like it’s an old problem, and on Macs only (not on PCs).

The workaround I’ve discovered so far is that for some reason, RX Connect 7 (rather than 8) is actually working – so I’ll be using that for now –

I’m continuing to have trouble getting RX Connect to work at all, either 7 or 8 – is anyone actually having it work consistently, and have any tips for getting that to happen? Thanks!

I edit my clips first and then “bounce” them to a new audio file which I then transfer. I feel I have had the most problems when I have used clips “as is”.

go back to Pro tools already. lol i’m joking, but aren’t you the guy that was a long time Nuendo user that left for Pro tools mostly because of RX connect issues? If so why lurk around here