jBridge *is* working with Cubase 9 (edited)

Just bought Cubase 9 and then I checked the release notes of 9.0.1… :cry:
“CAN-2946 Compatibility 32-bit plug-ins handled by “jBridge” to be bridged to 64-bit are not available in Cubase on PC Windows systems.”

Edit: earlier jBridge versions works with Cubase 9 in admin mode. AND there is a new version of jBridge where you don’t have to run Cubase as admin to get it to work. Incredible support from the jBridge-developer! :smiley:

See this…


Are you running JBridge and Cubase in Admin mode? I have done a test and had at least one app (NI B4) running in J Bridge

J Bridge is working fine here as well

Also, if you ask Joao, the developer, he will send you a customized version of Jbridge 1.74 that works without the need of running Cubase in administrator mode.

What version of jBridge are y’all using? I have 1.65 and any plugs I have tried will NOT ‘re-activate’ from the Blacklist.



Latest 1.74. It works just fine in Cubase 9, no issues here.

Thanks. What 32 bit plugs are you successfully bridging?

I am still having a few issues here, but they may be resolvable. Since trying a few new Jbridges, I get error messages about Cubase not being in admin mode, and I get a “Soft Elicencer does not have enough permissions” error message - presumably for new instances of the plugin? Cubase 9 still works though.
I think I shall ditch almost all 32 bit plugins, start afresh. I just love the B4 though, it sounds as close as two speakers can get to my A100 and Leslie - better than my Nord C|2 by far.

Yes, I can confirm that v1.74 of jbridge is working perfectly here with Cubase 9, as long as I’m running Cubase 9 in admin mode (Win10)

–with what plugins, exactly?

JBridge 1.74 working perfect here too.
Win 7 64

Jbridge all working here 1.74 with tweek by Mr Joao jbridge so no need to run as admin.

All plugins apart from a couple seem to be working fine.

UAD2 plugs fine.

If you want the admin tweek just contact Mr jbridge through his site & im sure he’ll sort you out, great service & work :slight_smile:

Suntower, what plugs do you want to know about?? I might be able to help.

Same here!
I bridge VB3 and Mr. Ray (organ/Rhodes instruments).
Works well!


That is GREAT news.

Why don’t you use the 64 bit VB3 ?

There is? Gotta go check… (y)

Well, I’ll be damned… :blush:
Thanks mate, just downloaded it, works, never even knew it was there!