Komplete Kontrol Issue

I’m discussing with Steinberg support now.

Please also file a bug report.

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I thought one bug report was enough?

I feel like there’s a threshold of “it’s not just one crazy guy with his broken computer” that we need to pass before a bug is looked at seriously :joy:

OK, Moderators, do I need to post a second “issue”?

Again, this worked fine in Cubase 10.5. This is a real workflow killer for Komplete Kontrol users!

I’m having this as well.

Real workflow killer for me too.

I have already submitted this issue to NI, even made a video description of the issue.

same behavior in Cubase 10.5 and latest version of Cubase 11.
the only way the duplicated tracks will appear on the keyboard is when you exit Cubase and go back in. not sure if it’s a unique track identifier issue or something along those lines. Not sure if it’s Cubase or KK VST issue…
Issue 1:

and this is the other issue…
Issue 2:

Issue #1 does occur in both Cubase 10.5 and 11. Issue #2 only happens in Cubase 11

if I remember correctly, in both 10.5 and 11, issue 2 was present. You will see it if you move back-and-forth between the track created and the older track one of them will be midi track. Even though they’re both komplete Kontrol tracks.

Not in 10.5 here

I know this is a Cubase forum but I’m sharing my experience here.
I have exactly the same problem with Nuendo since 11.0.10.
my setup: mac/mojave/Kontrol S61.
At the recording only the midinotes work. The whole controller part doesn’t work in real time with kontakt or steinberg’s native plugins.
I can see the midi activity when I move the scroll wheel (bottom right) and the controller fits well on the midi track but without affecting the sound. I hear the result only when I playback the recorded track.
I tested by disabling the preferences but it doesn’t change anything.
By inserting a midi monitor in the midi track I can see the midinotes but no controller.
I have this problem with the midi track and instrument track whatever the vst plugin (NI, Omnisphere, Zebra, Steinberg).
With Nuendo 10.3.0 everything works perfectly.

Just to re-iterate - issue #2 as re-outlined by MusicalExperiments occurs only in 11 here, not in 10.5. The same bug appears when disabling and re-enabling a track or importing KK tracks from another project.

Steinberg has confirmed the bug over email. Hopefully we’ll see a fix in the coming months.

Its good to hear that they’ve acknowledged this (based on what @GPnicolett has said). This is annoying as all get out…


Another issue I have with Komplete Kontrol is the keyboard input is not been redirected to the plugin, so if i have for instance SynthMaster open inside of Komplete Kontrol when i press the up and down arrow keys to move up and down presets these are been swallowed by Cubase and move track selection up and down.

If i add SynthMaster directly to a track as a VST then the keyboard input is correctly routed into the VST window.