Komplete Kontrol Issue

Steinberg/Cubase Team are we fixing this ? soon?

Are you sure you were working on 10.5 when this happened? I didnt see the problem surface on 10.5 until I updated to the newest maintence release last month, but it’s been happenign in 11 since I got it.

If it’s been happening in 10.5 for you for a year that points to the bug being harder to track down than I thought…

FWIW Logic seems to have had a similar bug, but either NI or Apple worked it out:

Known Integration Issues with Komplete Kontrol and Logic Pro 10.6 | NI Community Forum (native-instruments.com)

100% sure, I’m still on 10.5 pro (I don’t own 11 yet). That’s the main reason I’m here: having applied the latest patch, I thought I would give my S25 another chance, and the result is (still) catastrophic.

My project template using Komplete Kontrol tracks is still completely broken, with tracks not connected to the keyboard (the keyboard showing the KK track as a MIDI track) and others mapped to the wrong instruments… I tried to fix it, then save, close and reopen (multiple times), and of course it never worked.

Sometimes after loading, everything seemed in place. I tried to work for a while, and usually after 5 minutes, I was having KK track issues again.

I checked the NI forum and searched the web, but could not find anything useful or relevant, except this thread! So, at least, now I know I’m not the only one…

It’s not the topic of this thread but, while trying to salvage my template project, I was also experiencing horrible refreshing issues in the UI (like a flickering), affecting the inspector, the track list and the main window where the events are. Not sure it’s linked, but it’s really scary!

Sounds awful. Still, it sounds like you’re dealing with a different issue. The bug I’m experiencing only causes disconnects when 1.) duplicating a KK track 2.) Importing a KK Track 3.) Enabling a disabled KK track.

Closing and re-opening the projects connects all instances normally (though any further copying, importing, or disabling/re-enabling causes the new tracks to be disconnected).

I did a lot of those things while making this template, as you can imagine, duplicating KK tracks that had the right settings, disabling the project to copy stuffs from other projects, etc. But it seems the damage is irreversible in my case, as I explain before. Most of the time if I fix, save, and close, some of the problems are still there when I reopen the project (KK tracks being disconnected or connected to the wrong VST). And I’d like to understand why.

This is a big template project and it really feels like Cubase can’t handle it, while on paper it should. Around 110 KK tracks, 200 MIDI tracks, and a lot of routing to process these tracks into sections that makes sense from a mix standpoint. From a hardware perspective, I don’t see any indicator that would make me think the PC is struggling (CPU always below 20%, RAM below 60%). Even disk activity seems ok when I play a tutti…

The same template project with all the KK tracks replaced by standard racks works just fine (but my S25 becomes useless…), which tells me there’s something wrong in the KK implementation in Cubase.

NO FIX in 11.0.20!!!

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Just came here to say that! Broken in 11.0.2, broken now in the latest maintenance update of 10.5.3. Whatever is causing this is a byproduct of some kind of other bug fixes Steiny made.

Sam, your issue is a separate bug, so please start a new thread so we don’t confuse the issues we’re having. In fact I think your problem might be corrupted drivers; NI might be able to help you with your issues.

Yep broken here as well. Steinberg please fix this…

Again, this is a critical bug for me and Steinberg acknowledged it months ago?

Not enough Cubase users using Komplete Kontrol keyboards to matter I guess?

I guess we wait for another 3 months with fingers crossed…

Whist not the same issue, I have been working with CineSamples lately due to a hanging note issue in CineBrass. Its turns out once we got to the bottom of it that it is Komplete Kontrol that is causing the issue, when Kontakt is hosted by Cubase there was no issues but when Cubase hosts Komplete Kontrol which in turn hosts Kontact then the hanging note issue appears after around 4 hours of use.

So I’m starting to feel that this issue in Cubase is maybe not so much a Steinberg issue but more of a problem in Komplete Kontrol and therefore an issue for Native Instruments. It certainly feels like KK is a little forgotten about by NI as its never been updated or changed in years

I’m not sure about your hanging note problem but Komplete Kontrol worked fine for me (and others) in 10.5 so it’s definitely a 11.0.20 issue.

@deetee I use to have this issue, but I was told by NI to make sure the Kontakt player is not using multiprocessor support as the host is managing that. 1

I’m not sure what issue you’re referring to but it has nothing to do with the Komplete Kontrol issue discussed here.

I’m going back to 10.5.20 because of this and another (among others) critical bug for me:

You mentioned 10.5.30 has the same KK bug so I probably shouldn’t update?

Yes, 10.5.3 has the KK bug from 11.

Thanks, I’ll stay on 10.5.20

To GPnicolett: yes you’re right, most of my issues were not related at all. The flickering problem was solved by resetting my nVidia control panel 3D parameters to default (I’m a game developper, I play a lot with those). It seems Cubase UI doesn’t like nVidia low latency mode for some reason…

I also discovered that the same buggy behavior in Cubase when you reach the 64 racks and try to exceed that number (with MIDI tracks losing their output, etc) seems to apply for some reason to KK tracks. In my symphonic template, I now have 50 of each approx, and everything runs smoothly. I use the racks for bowed strings, woodwinds and brass (expression maps benefit from racks), and most of the percs (or isolated instruments) for KK tracks.

But the bugs you mention are still there for me (running 10.5.3) so I try to avoid manipulating KK tracks (duplicate, etc.).