Komplete Kontrol Issues in version 12 Pro

After creating an instrument track w/ KK I load an instrument and the MK2 Kontroller shows the selection and edit functions. After moving to another track and then returning I can no longer access the browser from the Kontrol keyboard. If I restart the keyboard still not working. After closing and re-opening project I can see the track from Kontrol keyboard again but only for as long as I stay in the track from the inspector. After moving to any other track and then back to KK instance the same thing happens. Just wanted to post this issue.

Oh no, this was only fixed in 11 last June.

Hi. Are you saying that this has happened in previous version. I only got my MK2 Kontrol last week.

Sigh. This bug was introduced in 10.5.3, persisted through the very last maintenance update of 11, and I guess is back now.

Yes, in 11.

Hmm, i just checked this and i’m def not getting this problem. I’d maybe try uninstalling and then reinstalling Komplete Kontrol. Uninstall from Windows 10 add/remove and then reinstall using NI Native Access. Remember to not connect the keyboard until the software is installed.

I have the komplete kontrol m32 and I don’t have this problem

On a Mac.

I got this problem with lost keybord conection yesterday after duplicating KK plugin. Than I played with controls and there is a little keyboard simbol in upper right corner of KK plugin and when you click it keybord conects back. After that it worked everything as usual. It might be an issue connected with new midi remote maybe?

Thanks for the tip Z. Let’s hope they fix it in early revision of 12.

They have to fix a lot on W11 I think. Gui is preaty slugish for me when I compare with C11, but its also Windows 11 problem alone. And with C12 it is evan worse…

Just to let everyone know, Komplete Kontrol works as expected for me in Cubase 12/Windows 10

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For me it works too now, but with duplicating tracks I had some strange functionality few days ago.

Komplete Kontrol not in my Cubase 12 Pro as well as several other plug ins when attempting to insert said plug-ins. Tried to scan, but to no avail. I’m having trouble finding the appropriate VST folder for my Native Instruments plug-ins. Using a PC, I would assume they would be located on my C drive. Also, I noted that Cubase 12 did not save any of my recent project sessions on the recent files list - it is blank, meaning I’m having to go in and boot directly the .cpr files/session files. Cubase 12 also complained about my Rewire connection to Reason (propellerhead plug-in) of a session that was created and ran fine in Cubase 11 Pro. Frustrating.

Cubase 12 does not support Rewire. Reason Studios (formerly Propellerheads) has deprecated Rewire as a technology, withdrawn the Rewire SDK and removed Rewire from Reason 11 and later. It is no surprise that Steinberg has followed Reason Labs and Ableton in removing Rewire from its products.

It sounds like Cubase 12 has not imported your Cubase 11 preferences. If you still have Cubase 11 installed, you could load Cubase 11 and look in Studio > VST Plug-In Manager to find the VST2 folders you had configured in Cubase 11.

For all of you that got problem with KK automatic-track-focus there is solution that works!!
Read carefully what to delete in your Documents folder!

You are a genius. Thank you so much, I was ready to give up and switch to Studio one for midi production. I already built a template.

Thanks again

Genius is Arnaud88, but I m glad it works!

Him too

Evan better soluttion from @Arnaud88, I made some pictures how to do…
This works also with old broken projects and give back autofocus to them.

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