LE update not resulting in full version?

I just upgraded my Cuabasis LE doing an in-app purchase of AUD49. But the icon still refers to this app as ‘Cubasis LE’.
I was expecting it to update to the full ‘Cubasis 2’ version.
Features such as ‘Audio Unit effects’ and ‘Inter-App Audio’ are not available…
Can someone please explain this to me?

Hi dbertels,

Thanks for your message.

Once you have purchased the full feature set in-app purchase, the app will be updated to the same features as Cubasis.
When launching the app, the launch screen should read Cubasis instead of Cubasis LE. Also, you should no longer see limitation pop-ups when using the app. Technically it is not possible to change the app icon and/or name.


Thanks Lars, I do have 2 extra questions:

1 - Are the ‘Audio Unit’ and ‘Inter-App Audio’ effects extra in-app purchases?
2 - Is there anywhere in the app you can view the current version?

Hi dbertels,

Re. 1)
Both Audio Unit and IAA comes included with Cubasis, no IAP required.
However it is mandatory to have either Audio Unit or Inter-App Audio apps installed on the iPad.
Furthermore and as stated in the app description, Audio Unit extension requires iPad Mini 2, iPad 4 or newer model.

Please find further information about the limitations of Audio Unit and IAA right here:

Re. 2)
To check the app version (LE vs. full feature set), please launch the app.

The launch screen should display “Cubasis” if the full feature set IAP has been purchased and activated.
Furthermore you should no longer see the Cubasis LE limitation popup, when tapping regular app areas (e.g. send effects slots).
To check the version number of Cubasis, please tap the “Help” button.

Please note that we have a wide range of tutorials available for Cubasis LE and Cubasis:

Hope that helps,


Lars, having upgraded to the full version via the LE version…are you saying that I actually own CUBASIS 2 but that the desktop ICON simply does not reflect this reality and cannot be changed. Should I post my questions as Cubasis 2 or Cubasis LE. It is very annoying that it does not change…but I just wish to be confirmed that I actually own the full version…Cubasis 2 and their are no other differences apart from the incorrect desktop lable. Could Steinberg not just send a link to the correct and properly labled download?

Hi omarkum,

Thanks for your message.

The “Full Feature Set” in-app purchase updates Cubasis LE with the same features of the Cubasis full version at a discounted price.

Once purchased and updated, the launch screen of Cubasis LE changes to Cubasis. Additionally you should no longer see limtation popups, when using regular Cubasis features.

Due to an Apple limitation, it is not possible to change the Cubasis icon and/or app name.


Whar about comming updates for Cubasis 2? Will they be valid for my upgraded LE as well?

Hi Wolleron,

So far, the Cubasis 2 updates have been free of charge for existing customers.