Let us cut the notes in variaudio where we want


When editing Variaudio events, you cannot freely choose where to cut the notes. There is a predefined cut area, and outside of that you are only able to use the glue tool. The uncuttable area is a pre set length and is always the same.

When the notes are shorter than a specific length, cutting is not even possible. So if you have any consonants to get rid of (which would introduce artefacts wenn tuning), then you’re not able to do that.
In that case there is only the glue tool shown:

cut not possible

Please let us cut where we need or want it.
The glue tool could be chosen by using the toolbox, as it does not get used that often in variaudio anyway (compared to the cut tool).


A long time ago I asked a similar and heard from Steinberg that, even when you see pitch curves on those edges, the edge itself may not always pitch detectable without information from the following or the preceding.
By that time in such cases, if you cut at the near edge, the curve on the new short segment often disappeared. I thought this was a bug and got that answer, then it became impossible to cut in such cases. Since then the limit should be the boundary where the pitch for the short segment is steadily detectable.

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Thanks for the answer, but then other questions come to mind:

  • why is the area where cutting is not possible always the same length in every case (left and right)? Shouldn’t it then detect the uncuttable area from one note to the other each time independently? Now it is a pre set length, which cannot be changed, and so a lot of shorter notes, which still have useful information cannot be cut (i.e. to cut out consonants which only mess with the tuning)
  • Why does a cut mess with the already detected notes by variaudio? The pitch gets detected before cutting, so that does not make any sense? If you take Melodyne i.e., you can cut everywhere without any issues.

Seems more like they could not fix this “bug” where the curve disappeared, so they just put in a fixed uncuttable area per note, and called it a “fix”.

Yes this should definitely be done!
I love Variaudio and work with it everyday, and this is one of the few shortcomings I believe it has.
If I want to chop it up, let me! Sometimes it doesn’t exclude some consonants that I want to remove, and having to glue it first, then cut again is a major slower!



Yeah, it used to be better, a few releases back… but they went and ‘fixed it’ around the time of VariAudio v3 stuff was implemented IIRC.

Don’t get me wrong, the enhancements in v3 have by and large been mega; but this aspect is definitely a backward step. Maybe there’s perfectly good reasons for it - my guess is, it’s all as part of the redesign to specifically accommodate the functionality, now placed directly on/round the ‘blocks’ UI perhaps.? Dunno…

Anyway, is a slight workflow kill-joy, as it is now…